Sunday, February 22, 2015

Five Classic 80's Sci Fi Art As Influence On Accursed Atlantis Campaign Setting

The capital of  Egotulr in Accursed Atlantis a place of commence and study for scholars,wizards, and alien merchants.

 The skies are filled with craft running on both magic and science

Tim Hildebrandt
The Brothers Hildebrandt

Here's some of the artwork that has turned up on images searches in Google, about Atlantis and so its been fodder for this setting's campaign mill. 

Meanwhile in the Atlantian Wastlands

Here are one of the Atlanian outposts with an Outer planar explorer and his alien familiar. There are lost and very dangerous relics still transmitting FTL transmissions

Maddd Science
Madd Science

These are some of the ruins that exist above ground for extensive mazeworks and mega dungeons that run for miles under the surface of the wastelands. 

The Guardians at the gate of the tower of Rod and Order 
Michael Whelan

Michael Whelan
Zipping along the mountain range of the ruins of the country of Mu 
The Judas Bug, Analog illustration, October 1967 by Frank Kelly Freas

gameraboy:The Judas Bug, Analog illustration, October 1967 by Frank Kelly Freas

An Atlantian war borg that erupts near an ancient outpost battling one of the last war guardians of this ancient city. 

Killing Machine by Chris Foss


Killing Machine by Chris Foss

A ram jet ship leaving  one of the last Planes of Fire  mining outposts for the Outer Colonies.

K. Kurbatov, 1980

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