Tuesday, February 3, 2015

1d10 Monsterous Minions of Lovecraftian Cults Random Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Cults of Lovecraftian gods often employ array of horrid creatures of dark and dangerous aspect, here's an encounter table of the weird, strange, and downright malevolent. A cross section of creatures  for your adventurers to run afoul in the deep and dark dens and dungeons of iniquity across the planes.
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1d10 Monsterous Minions of Lovecraftian Cults Random Encounter 
  1. A pack of 1d8 Lovecraftian ghouls half starved and wanting fresh meat, there is a 30% chance of one of them being a 4th or better spell caster or priest of a foul aspect. 
  2. A slime covered warrior mutant thing with a multitude of bladed weapons and torture devices who lives to draw sacrifices and murders for his foul master. 20% chance of this thing being able to regenerate as a troll. 
  3. A very angry and pissed off gang of skeleton warriors from the Far East who are well versed in modern weaponry. There are 1d8 of these free willed and intelligent undead creatures. 
  4. A chain saw wielding manic who is actually an undead monster from some nether hell. 
  5. A pack of vicious and very dangerous mid level demonic imp creatures who can summon implements of death and destruction at a moment's notice. Very twisted and murderous. 
  6. A gang of undead free willed ghoul things able to take on the shape and abilities of their prey. 40% chance of one being a wizard of some ability and talent. 
  7. A group of 1d8 mummies made from the bound victims of the cult's previous wizards and occultists. 60% chance of one of these monsters being talented in the occult sciences. 
  8. Monstrous mutated cyclops like monster with iron like claws a vice like grip that uses iron spears, bone breaker clubs, and knives. Mean, dangerous, and murderous. 
  9. A mid level greater demon or devil dedicated to this particular Lovecraftian deity. Very blood thirsty and devoted. Bound since the days of ancient Mu or Atlantis. 
  10. An ancient undead wizard and his body guards of ancient warriors armed with razor sharp obsidian weapons of ancient Atlantis. The wizard's will and zeal for his god are only matched by his soul rending intents towards sacrifices to his god. 

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