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1d10 Random Sorcerer's Of The Wastelands Encounter Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

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Sorcerers are some of the more benign practitioners of the magical arts in the post apocalyptic wastelands, here is a table for adventurers to encounter these enigmatic figures in the deep wastelands and urban ruins of the world. These beings are figures of mystery and more then a bit of menace. They can be resources of occult knowledge, patrons for adventurers and sources of the darker arts but encounters with them should be tempered with caution for no one calls upon the forces of magick should entirely be trusted.


1d10 Random Sorcerer's Of The Wastelands Encounter Table
  1. This sorcerer uses his magick arts to explorer the darkest secrets of the wastes and he acts as patron for parties of adventurers to go off to explorer ruins of his choosing. He is more then willing to pay top dollar for relics but these must be recovered from the 'right' ruins. 
  2. Th'reure The Wise is an information broker on matters of things mutagen out in the wastelands. There isn't a creature he can't identify. But he is really looking of evidence of certain chemicals which created his beloved mutant races. He pays handsomely for the right items. 
  3. This sorcerer specializes in certain esoteric technologies and may act as a fence for certain items. He will pay handsomely for walk mans,music, and opera recordings. He will allow parties to keep certain relics and weapons but will become like a crazed animal when it comes to music which is his passion. He will pay handsomely for certain pieces he is looking for but should you try to curse those who betray him. 
  4.  This sorcerer loves his books and library, he will pay quite a bit of scratch for certain  titles and volumes of occult lore. He uses phantasmal killeer to track and kill anyone who get's in his way. 
  5. This sorcerer uses a combination of guile and trickery to preserve his collection of magical artifact but he will curse any who betray him. He hires to grow his collection. 
  6. This female sorcerer leads a cult of mutant Amazon women that seeks the jump start their technological base by raiding adventurers who pass through their domain. They often equip their warriors with heavy stunners and light armor. They have outposts scattered throughout the region. 
  7. This sorcerer keeps his enemies have close by in perfectly preserved glass globes. There are seven wizards and adventurers looking to escape from his collection. He often hires adventurers to look for certain relics out in the wastes for him.
  8. This sorcerer has started the rites of 'becoming one with magick' and is making the transition into a full wizard. He is seeking certain relics in the wastes that he needs to complete these rites. He is looking to hire adventurers to recover them. He pays well but is more then slightly insane. 
  9. This sorcerer is head of a cult of Great Old One worshipers and is looking for converts. He will hire adventurers in order to brain wash them for his merc army. 
  10. This sorcerer is a slave trader and plantation owner working for a pack of demons. He is looking for souls to trade in exchange for his soul and he is willing to capture certain adventurers. There is a relic that is found in the deep wastes that can free him for a price. He is willing to pay 20% mark up on certain occult and magick technological devices and spell books. But he may murder certain party members who meet his twisted criteria. 


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