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6 Prehistoric Spells For Your Lost Worlds OSR Campaign Or Old School Adventures

Here are several spells for rangers, druids, barbarians, and clerics who find themselves within 'lost worlds' and strange alternative enviroments where dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures dwell. 
A small selection of spells which can help PC's survive and perhaps thrive in these primitive and dangerous places.
Six Prehistoric Related Spells 
Image by Matt Martyniuk

Communicate With Prehistoric Life 
Level: Nat 4th ,  White 4th, Grey 4th  

Casting Time: One Round 
Range: 50 feet 
Duration: Instantaneous 
Spell Resistance : Yes 
Save: None 
Target 1d6 creatures 
This spell allows the caster to become in tune with the mind space of a group of prehistoric creatures. The caster may make general impressions and emotions understood by the target creatures. They are under no compunction to obey the caster at all. But will grasp simple ideas and concepts that are presented by the caster. 

Prehistoric Chameleon Skin
Level: Nature 2rd, White 3rd, Grey 3rd
Casting Time: 3 segments 

Save: Special
Range: Personal 
Duration: One Hour 
Spell Resistance: No 
Target: Caster 
The caster's skin, equipment, and clothing all appear to pattern themselves for the local prehistoric environment. The caster's pores ooze with the tropical or environmental secretions and local smells. The caster will appear to blend into the landscape and background as a local animal. They gain a +4 on all hide checks especially from dinosaur predators and meat eaters. This spell will be disrupted completely if engaging in combat or if the caster is startled by a local animal crawling over them. 

Senses Of The Dinosaur 
Level 4th White/Grey
Casting Time : 4 segments 
Saving Throw: None
Duration: Up to Ten Minutes 
Range : 30 feet 
Spell Resistance: No 
Area: 40 feet 
This spell enables the caster to have the senses of a predatory dinosaur and able to discern the game trails, comings and goings of prey and other creatures, and to hear as one of these incredible monsters is able. The the spell also enables one to discern the comings and goings of apex predators and lower order prey animals as well. They may also sense local sources of water, plants that are safe to eat, and more. 

Illusion of the Prey 

Level: White 1, Grey 1 
Casting Time: one segment 
Range: 180 feet 
Duration : 4 rounds/per level 
Spell Resistance : No 
Target: One Living Creature 
This spell will create the sounds, smells, and general illusion conditions of a wounded prey animal for a predatory dinosaur or animal. The illusion will be almost perfect and should the predator be hungry, 40% chance of this, they will drawn to the sound of the animal and away from the caster. 

Wrong Taste/Scent 
Level: White 1,Grey 1 
Casting Time: one segment 
Range self, touch, radius of two hundred yards 
Duration: Instantaneous, one hour per level of the caster
Save: None 

This spell creates a general scent and taste that is 'bad' to prehistoric life forms, the caster's pores and general scent is not pleasant to any predator or herbivore in the area within a two hundred yard radius. The caster can discontinue this spell at anytime. The will make the caster unpleasant and unappetizing to the local fauna and possibly flora as well. 

Summon Herd Of Dinosaurs 
Level 5 White/ 5 Grey 
Casting Time: Five Minutes 
Save: None 
Range: 5 miles 
Duration: 10 minutes per level of the caster 
Spell Resistance: None 
Effect: Summons a herd of local dinosaurs to the caster's location
This spell draws upon the energies of the local environment and resources of local magical energy resources to call to the caster the nearest heard of dinosaurs in the area to the caster's location. The herd is no way under the control of the caster but neither will they harm him or anyone within 10 feet of his location of casting. The herd will be from 1d30 animals and this spell must be cast outdoors for its effects to work. The caster can not summon these animals indoors unless the animals are already within an urban or confined lost world location. 

This spell is often used by many lost world tribes to summon prey animals for religious sacrifice or for special hunting ceremonies or rites such as rites of passage and the like. 

Artwork by LadyofHats


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