Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #50: Artifact Quality From Skirmisher Publishing For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Wisdom From The Wasteland Issue #50 goes into an aspect of post apocalyptic and fantasy gaming that drives folks crazy,the quality of the items that your PC's find. In actuality, this issue is more then merely a simply designed system for artifact and relic quality in both the fantasy and science fantasy realms of Goblinoid Games.
This magazine presents a complete system for the recovery and quality of the relics and items that your party finds. This system can be applied from Labyrinth Lord to Mutant Future. Or any old school system or retroclone that the DM needs
This like all of the Wisdom From The Wasteland issues are top drawer products.

Grab It Right

Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue # 50 presents a system that covers many types of artifacts and relics, from weapons like primitive fire arms, advanced, powered devices, medical drugs,power sources, explosives, and personal shields.
But this system is perfect for applications  for any rpg where relics can come into play from another era. This system could be applied to a campaign where the quality, make, and style of the relic can make the difference between a top flight weapon to a poorly constructed item like an ogre make fire arm or mutant created primitive weapon.
This is a perfect cinematic system that can be applied across the board in a campaign. From power cells to  whole weapons systems this system covers everything from the most common weapons to medical supplies. And the medical supplies are a welcome bonus to this issue and are very clearly useful for  outfitting adventure  locations such as military bunkers, old underground lairs, military ruins, and more.
This same system could be used for other old school post apocalyptic games such as Mutant Epoch or even Star Ships and Space Men Second Edition. Or other science fictional or fantasy games where the PC's venture into alien and unknown situations that might involve alien yet familiar Earth like world technologies.

Not all of these technologies  might work the same or might even be of shoddy or inferior make perhaps time has had its way with them.
This is one of the best parts of the Wisdom From The Wasteland product line, the modular nature of the plug and play ethos of it for your campaigns. By buying this issue you get an entire secondary system that can give bonuses, pluses, and modifiers to your items in many genres and campaign situations. From one shot adventure locations for a campaign set to fully functioning ware house treasure points no longer will you the DM have to wonder about the quality, conditions, or hands on setting info. for your treasures. This system provides everything you need in one clear cut package.
 And this is exactly where this system perfectly applies itself. Chris Van Deelen and the Skirmisher crew do an excellent and concise job with this system. And its a welcome addition to my table which I can see using well into the future. At a dollar this is a damn fine bargain of simplicity and substance with maximum bang for your old school dollar!
A four out of five in my humble opinion and well worth the time to download for adventures in the wastelands or the fantasy realms! 

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