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Two New OSR Spells - Pattern of Absolute Order And Colours Of The Outer Darkness

So for the past day or so I've been seeing some of the spells that the Skirmisher crew has been doing for their own blogs. Word of Law by William Thresher right over HERE and his Bolt of Chaos HERE.
Now tonight I watched my friend Clint Staples do a version Bolt of Chaos for Rune Quest called Chaos Blast! which is a fine spell HERE.
But I wanted something a bit more evocative for my Atlantandria Port City Of Accursed Atlantis Campaign for the Fantastic Heroes and Witchery rpg system. So I whipped these up this afternoon. 
I always been a fan of the Law vs Chaos struggle. FH&W has this struggle built right into its retroclone DNA and one of the reasons why I picked the game.

File:A pattern for coloring.png
Artwork by Haabet

 Pattern of Absolute Order 
Level : White Six
Casting Time : 1 Full Round 

Range: Forty Feet 
Save: None 
Duration: one round per level
Targets: All within line of sight 
The pattern of absolute order pulls from the order of all things within the soul of the universe and summons from beyond the beyond the absolute underpinning pattern of the Grand Design. Creatures and things of Chaos are instantly effected by the pattern which is called into existence. The effects are very dangerous to those not of order as the patter ebbs and flows with the raw soul stuff of order itself. 
Any creatures and things of Chaos within the area of the effects of the pattern must flee or take 2d4 points of damage per round as the pattern invades their life essence and psyche.
Those of law who have undergone serious mutational and chromosomal damage due to the effects of Chaos will come under the effects of a cure serious wounds spell due to the pattern's influence.
Undead will automatically begin taking this damage as the energies holding them to the prime plane become damaged.
The pattern's effects may linger for 1d6 turns even as the spell ends as reality itself flexes and adjusts to the effects of this adjustment of the Grand Design.


Colours Of The Outer Darkness 
Level : Black Seventh
Casting Time : 1 Full Round 

Range: Forty Feet 
Save: None 
Duration: one round per level
Targets: All within line of sight
The caster of this spell summons forth the energies and winds of  the Outer Darkness of chaos itself, and weaves this living black final chaotic unpattern into a living symbolic pattern of mutational foulness and change. This stuff of damnation and foul glowing weirdness will flow toward any whom the caster dictates within their sight.
This semi living multi coloured foulness will flow from the caster's eyes,mouths and other orifices towards their target. Who must save vs death or suffer the effects of instant cancerous mutation as this living foulness ravages their body. They will begin taking 1d4 points of subtle damage as cell are unknit, living changes of weirdness happen, and their vary being is called into question by powers beyond the ken of the local time and space continuum. The target must roll on the random table for the effects of the Colours of the Outer Darkness below.
There is a chance that even after the effects of the colour are dismissed by the sorcerer or occultist that it might explode into being again for another 2d6 rounds and the wizard must make a successful Charisma or Wisdom roll to reign in this quasi living foulness to their will.

1d10 Random Effects Table Of The Outer Darkness Table 

  1. The target becomes positively charged against the local neutron flow, the can not use any spells at all for the next 1d10 hours 
  2. The target suffers 1d6 negative mutational effects, roll on appropriate chart. 
  3. The target is saturated with the energies of Chaos and demonic creatures and mutants will be attracted to him, they will want to consume his flesh for the energies coursing through their bodies. 
  4. The target's body can not contain the chaotic energies coursing through them. They will explode for 3d6 points of bone shattering damage to all those within a 30 foot radius around them in 1d6 hours unless the energies are bled off by magical intervention. 
  5. The target is the perfect doorway for a demon and a mid level horror will try to possess them within 1d4 rounds.
  6. The target turns into a raving cannibalistic zombie with max hit points and will try to consume the flesh of the living to satisfy the unholy hunger tearing at their souls. 
  7. The flesh of the target glows with unhealthy radiations and all those who come in contact with him for 1d6 days will have to make a mutation check. 
  8. The target is driven temporarily mad by the revelations of their true place in the universe and the unliving horror of their true horror  that they and love ones face. This is not the absolute truth but lies created by the unholy energies coursing through the dim corners of their mind. 
  9. The target is 'marked' by the colour for evermore as belonging to Chaos and any animal will have nothing to do with them. Family and friends will turn on the fool as the energies of the colour subtly alter their soul signature. Only a cleric can banish these alterations to the fabric of the target. A very subtle change indeed. 
  10. The target can not resist the folds of chaos of the Outer Darkness and they become one with the darkness, a part of the damnation. 

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