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1d10 Random Weird Lovecraftian Post Apocalpytic Wasteland Ruin Adventure Location Table For Your Old School Wasteland Campaign

There are locations that defy explanation out in the waste lands, places that will cause insanity to some degree in those that see them. These place challenge the perceptions and ideas of adventurers, most often they are blights and abominations on the face of reality. Here then are a series of random high level places of horror and Lovecraftian depravity to cause PC's incredible rewards but lessons in destruction.
These places should be used as reminders that not all things are understood and easily dealt with out in the post apocalyptic wilderness.

"And where Nyarlathotep went, rest vanished; for the small hours were rent with the screams of nightmare. Never before had the screams of nightmare been such a public problem; now the wise men almost wished they could forbid sleep in the small hours, that the shrieks of cities might less horribly disturb the pale, pitying moon as it glimmered on green waters gliding under bridges, and old steeples crumbling against a sickly sky."
By H. P. Lovecraft

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1d10 Random Weird Lovecraftian Post Apocalyptic
 Wasteland Ruin Adventure Location Table

  1. Giant floating head of some nameless pre apocalyptic god, now a Mi Go hive full of the alien horrors that have been contacted by a local cult kidnapping a sacrificing old folks and children from local communities. Strange chanting spells echo from this floating horror that slowly drifts across the sky. There will be d100 Mi Go available at anytime to harress and cause harm. The air and time are strange around the structure causing PC's to lose 1d10 hours each time they encounter the thing. 
  2. A series of weird spinning temple structures moves one mile above the Earth and blasted landscape stopping only drop 1d30 alien grass hopper warrior things armed with energy weapons who worship an ancient demonic god fetus that is stationed at the center of the thing. There are 1d20 random floating Ioun stones which are used as weapons at any one time. Demonic chanting can be heard echoing from the fetus thing at the center of the structure. 
  3. A giant eight sided octagon temple to Cthulhu can be seen with ghoul/zombie warriors who guard the place. They have a strange dried and decayed fish like aspect to them and ride lizard beasts to gather slaves and sacrifices. Two star spawns of Cthulhu sit at its center feasting on the victims. Weird ESP waves of insanity wash off of this structure causing nightmares and suicidal thoughts to all who approach it. There are rumors of highly prized relics at its center. 
  4. An ancient shopping mall has been converted to a temple structure to a cloud like alien Great Old One. The thing is attended by massive air elementals and there are masses of windmills of wood swirling in the constant winds. A field of of weird solar panels and energy drawing stations sit around the structure but why is not known. There are whispers of a treasure of ancient technology and relic energy batteries inside the place. 
  5. A small nuclear power plant has been converted to a temple of the toad god, at its center is one of his demons. The place is served by a variety of high level mutant warriors and the spawn of the god.Each day they distribute 'food' to the surrounding communities and take the head of a house as sacrifice. The cult will recharge weapons and relics for a fee of 4 pints of blood and a blood oath why is not known but several local warlords lust after the plant maintained by several super scientist slaves to the cult. 
  6. Several ancient massive structures of black basalt walls radiate horror and insanity are said to be the prison of ancient and horrid gods who offended the Great Old Ones. Anyone spending the night will be gone by morning and only a blood splatter will remain to speak the tale of their passing. Moans,weird lights, and strange craft in the sky often hover around this place. There have been several hoards of jewels that are rumored to have been found around this place. 
  7. This strange and accursed structure is a massive tomb of some king who even in death serves his horrid demon god. A cult of 1d100 mutant ghoul things march to his command each night armed with weird weapons of ancient design to gather slaves and sacrifices to his demonic lord. The thing eats them before the dead eyes of this king as his treasures relics bare witness to this horrid scene. The screams of the slaves echo under the noon day sun. Many treasures have been recovered from the sands of this place. 
  8. A sky galleon now sits eerily from its once great launch site. Weird music floats on the air and the place is haunted by 1d100 old ghosts who go about their pre apocalyptic tasks. A Lovecraftian demon god watches over them and will for the price of one soul allow a wizard or party to watch them to learn the secrets of the Ancients as the ghosts operate the super science machines before the forces of the Apocalypse take them back into the hell mists of time. There is a 20% chance of a ghost noticing a PC and be able to ask about some piece or relic of times gone by. The demon plays a flute made from a world leader's thigh bone while this occurs and summons the winds of change once again. 
  9. A burning crypt holds the remains of a once great wizard and he squirms in agony for eternity even as his demonic lamia watchers over see his punishment. For the price of a glass of water to relieve his suffering he will talk about and tell stories of any relic or magic item but there is a 40% chance that he may lie. Should he break free of his crypt two type II devils will seek adventurers to help in his recapture. He is a lich of demonic aspect and body leaping abilities. 
  10. A hotel has become a temple to Nodens and is populated by the souls of the lost and damned who have displeased him. They are unaware of time's passage and think this place paradise but Nightgaunts guard the rafters and watch them intently, there are ancient wise men and wizards among their numbers whom wasteland warlords consult from time to time. Only those willing to trade a bit of knowledge or a special tale are granted passage to this place by Nodens for 1d4 hours but its doors lead to the 'other places' and times as well. There is a 60% chance of the nightgaunts shoving a PC into a dimensional warp or worse in this place. Under this ruin ghouls feast on the wizard's bones.


  1. Needles, I'm constantly amazed at how you can come up with such evocative game material on a regular basis. A nuclear plant with a demon in the center of it, serving a toad god? I'd have never of thought of something like that in a million years. Great stuff!


  2. A fevered imagination I guess Edwarsblog,there's more where that came from. Cheers pal.


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