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1d10 Random Ancient Wasteland Adventure Locations Table For Your Old School Campaigns

The deep accursed Atlantian wastelands hold many dangers and terrible secrets. They beckon adventurers to their fortunes and deaths.

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There are places that man should not venture and where even angels fear to trend, these places draw men and women from across the wastes with tales of fortune, glory, and better. Atlantis is a dim memory merely uttered about by fools in legends but the golden artifacts that found from time to time draw fortune seekers and adventurer like flies.
Many times only sand,blood and horror are the only things that they find.
Here then is a table of legendary and terrible aspected ancient adventure locations for your old school campaigns.

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1d10 Random Ancient Wasteland Adventure Locations Table
  1. An ancient temple complex half of which sticks up from the sand and desert floor, much of this temple complex still rests below the soil. The place is watched over by 1d100 mutant cultists who worship a minor demonic goddess of Chaos and Strife. The thing takes sacrifices and holds court every new moon. This place holds 1d30 super science artifacts and pieces of ancient technology. There is a 20% chance of an ancient war machine guarding the place. There are seven levels to this complex.
  2. This half sunken castle complex sits with its ancient towers half exposed. A local band of thieves and tramps has moved into the place. 10% chance of the 1D20 fighters having mutations. They are armed with flintlock rifles and ride mutant lizard dog things for mounts. Very vicious and dangerous are this place's guardians. There are three level to the place. 
  3. This ancient ruined pile is actually a mish mash of three different piles of ruins toppled into each other. The an ancient Atlantian god aspect of Set watches over this place and there are 1d6 choatic wind elementals guarding the ancient treasures and relics scattered throughout these ruins. 
  4. An ancient glass and quartz set of ruins blazes in the sun, this three terraced monument terror holds four ancient demons. The place was once a minor palace and scattered throughout it are magic jade statues said to foretell the fortunes of those who venture inside. There are 1d6 demon things guarding the magic hoard within, this includes five super science items. 
  5. This ancient facility is now ruins there are several small block house still buildings sticking above ground and an extensive network of six levels of ruins and tunnels below ground. A group of 1d30 mutant tribesmen use the place as a base. There are ancient machine beings guarding the hallways of this place. And there are rumors of fabulous ancient machines able to cheat death within this palace of miracles. 1d6 robot guardian things patrol the hallways. 
  6. An ancient massive sailing vessel has been gutted and turned into a fortress. But under this massive former machine a four leveled structure lays below ground. 1d20 mutant monster things hungrily await adventurers. Robotic guardians watch over the treasures of this place. 
  7. A massive deep well within the wasteland sands skins seven levels down. The place is infested with demons and local legends say that this was once the lab of a warlord and his wizard associate. Ancient treasures lay within the place. There are several items of sorcery and super science scattered throughout. 
  8. The ruins of a massive tower sky scarper awaits your party. This place is still maintained by the half insane A.I spirit bound within the stone work of this structure. The place is paroled by ancient and half forgotten demon things. There are twelve levels to this structure. And strong ancient magick protects this place. Several bars of gold have been found in the ancient structure over the years. A very sad aura hangs over this place 
  9. A multi leveled temple of Cthulhu awaits you as his cultists drag to their fate a train of 1d20 slaves/sacrifices. The temple is strung with incredible super science devices and treasures beyond compare. Star spawn guard this structure. 
  10. An ancient temple complex strung through with soul crystals that hold the soul of some ancient super scientist. They are psychically active and several lich brains guard and  deal with intruders, the place almost seems like museum and holds several caches of mystic treasures and super science artifacts. There are five levels to this place and a cult of rat mutants assassins worship the lich brains and Cthulhu. 

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