Saturday, February 28, 2015

Major Influence - 2000AD Timeline 35 years Video And Old School Gaming

 I just ran across this wonderful video by Richard Herrero , this morning and its like someone took a snap shot of my mind. I've written before about some of the major comic book influences it in my life, especially after the 90's trip to the U.K.. But growing up there was a comic book title that was like a kick in the head. 2000 AD. was/is one of my old favorites and pretty much gave me the first real taste of British science fiction,science fantasy, and more. My rpg gaming became filled with Judges, Rogue Troopers, Dan Dare ships etc. Nothing was sacred or profane in A.D.2000 and the title reflected the politics, music, and a distortion effect that still echoes to this day. But how the hell did a Yank get a hold of  a run of this venerable title? Well in the days long before the internet and in a place where comic book stores were few and far between family comes in very handy. I had inherited a long box filled with these comics, magazines, etc. from my dad's retired RAF pal. A gentleman I knew growing up in Hudson, New York back in the 1970's . He got the title and had a subscription to it. He was a mean S.O.B. with a love of British science fiction and gaming. I first played in his OD&D and AD&D campaigns, then Metamorphosis Alpha 1st edition adventures, and finally Gamma World.With a few healthy side trips into the worlds Runequest thanks to White Dwarf, a very different animal then today I can assure you.  Then back into the dungeons of Blackmoor. All with the same PC's and the lessons I learned under him which I still carry with me. 

 I have/ had a very different view of Space 1999, Dr.Who, and AD 2000 because of this family friend and his kids. The punk anger, creativity, viciousness,etc. was or still is running through me because of this comic,the music and those times. And for that I'm eternally thankful. Thanks Richard Herrero for the trip down memory lane today. More on the history of 2000AD right over HERE

 In 2009 I was forced to sell that long box but I kept a few titles and items for the strolls down memory lane once a while. Maybe this weekend I might take a long walk into the Cursed Earth.

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