Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weird Cinema Sunday Crypts & Things Grind House Edition

So today I've been invited as a player over to my friend Larry's Crypts & Things game! Since he's been hearing me rave about it & the modular nature of the rules. The fact that everyone can back stab & that the thief is actually combat worthy rather then Conan dressing. Seems to have made him get his own copy!
 The phone conversation got me thinking of  matinee popcorn fests of my youth back in the 90s when I haunted a certain little theater in Boston now closed & demolished right near the border of China town. As I've said in other posts this was where I saw some of the cheap Subatomic movies of the past.. These included some really odd sword & sorcery films. So come with me now through the vale of time to a past before cell phones, before the advent of Netflix, & to a time when the internet was still dial up!

Watch the popcorn.. Maybe that popcorn & soda?!? I've paid the creepy old man at the front door his five bucks & now on with the show! 

 Added Bonus Peter Cullin Optimus Prime's Voice over For : 


  1. I remember a few of these! Yor and Barbarians more than the others. Wow that really takes me back in time.

  2. Maedar Antocus- Glorious! Glad you liked it! We do aim to grab you with some great old fashioned atomic schlock. There's lots more stuff to come!


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