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Jeff Dee Kick Starter Melnibonean Artwork From ‘Deities and Demigods’.

Back in the early 80s when the first version of Deities & Demigods came out it was this artwork that gave me my first exposure to Micheal Moorcock & his worlds. This project is very cool & I'm interested to see where this is going to go. The monsters & high weirdness that followed brought back lots of fun times & memories. This update to the artwork is cool. Over at the Moorcock forums I heard talk about this book lots of times. I you want to read more about this upcoming project go Here

This project is the 5th installment of my ongoing effort to re-create my old TSR / Dungeons & Dragons artwork – which was destroyed* by some thoughtless functionary to make room in TSR’s files. Last time, I re-created twelve drawings from the 1980 AD&D module 'Expedition to the Barrier Peaks'! This time I’m re-creating twenty-two drawings from the Melnibonean chapter of the original 1980 edition of the AD&D book called ‘Deities and Demigods’. These drawings were removed after the 2nd printing of the book, making them especially rare!
Listen to an interview including a discussion of my efforts to re-create the lost TSR art here.
The new artwork will be posted to my DeviantArt page ( as it's completed, so you can see how they turned out. You can see the re-creations I've done so far here.
This chapter contains almost twice as many illustrations as any of the previous ones, so I've broken them into four sets. Watch the video to see the illustrations by name!
Arioch Set
Backers who request the Arioch Set will get these 6 prints:
Arioch, Kakatal, Chaos Symbol, Myyrrhn, Elric vs Vulture Lions & Elenoin
Elric Set
Backers who request the Elric Set will get these 5 prints:
Elric, Grome, Dharzi Hunting Dog, Vampire Tree & Straasha
Stormbringer Set
Backers who request the Xiombarg Set will get these 6 prints:
Xiombarg, Donblas, Stormbringer, Vulture Lion, Grahluk & Darnizhaan
Moonglum Set
Backers who request the Yrkoon Set will get these 5 prints:
Yrkoon, Moonglum, Kelmain, Mist Giant & Pyaray
BONUS! 13 illustrations were 'missing' (the character portraits were left blank) in the Melnibonean chapter of the original Deities & Demigods book. For each $220 raised beyond the original goal, I will create a NEW illustration to fill one of those blanks:
* $4720: Assassinator of the Gods
* $4940: Clakar
* $5160: Fileet (lady of the birds)
* $5380: Haaashastaak (master of all lizardkind)
* $5600: Meerclar (mistress of catkind)
* $5820: Misha (lord of the wind giants)
At the $5820 level, I'll add a Meerclar Set and a '5 Sets' reward option so backers can get prints of these 6 missing illustrations.
* $6040: Mordagz
* $6260: Nihrain Horse
* $6480: Nnuuurrrr'c'c (master of the insect swarm) "King with Wings"
* $6700: Nuru-ah (master of cattle)
* $6920: Oonai
* $7140: Quaolnargn
* $7360: Roofdrak (master of all dogs)
At the $7360 level, I'll add a Roofdrak Set and a '6 Sets' reward option so backers can get prints of these 7 missing illustrations.
This project is dedicated to Michael Moorcock, of course!
*Note: A few pieces are known to have survived, but in most cases there's no way to know. I am therefor re-creating everything.


  1. I've modified the backing levels on my Melnibone project on Kickstarter. A signed print of Elric himself is now available for a $20 pledge. Huzzah!

  2. Thanks For the Update Jeff! Huzzah!


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