Sunday, March 18, 2012

Full Action -Filled trailer for Prometheus

Spoiler Alert ! This trailer reveals some of the major plot points of the movie 

This is one that I've been waiting for all week!  That's one seriously cool trailer! Awesome! This is one that we'll be seeing on the full screen in a movie theater! Awesome!
Spoiler A

Some Fans on line have spotted this image as well  in the trailer 


  1. Thanks man - I didn't realise this was up. I tell you what, it feels like they've been reading your blog..! And in all honesty, while this may well be a relatively good film with some surprisingly good ideas, it's not looking quite up to your standard yet.

  2. Thanks very much Porky! Serious that's a pretty hard compliment to live up to?!
    I'm so looking forward to this movie. I write a lot about movies & to tell you the truth all I asked is to be entertained. The original Alien was done in 1975 & released in 1979. The movie is burned across the retina of my imagination.. I going to try to live up to your compliment. Seriously wasn't expecting that. So thank you..

  3. I think Alien made a huge impression on me too - that wailing element in the soundtrack here really hits home for example. I'm intrigued by how they'll play this, how they'll add new space to the world while staying true to the old, and the ideas and feelings we might have developed about that space over the years. I'd watch any film you made. Have you ever thought about something like that, or maybe a sourcebook or longer fiction? You've got the ideas in depth and the energy.

  4. The ideas are certainly there within me Porky. The time factor isn't though.. yet. I might do something like it but I'm trying to be a bit more original & don't want to really rip anything off.
    I really do want to see where they're taking this material. The first Alien is still very organic to me today as it was when I first saw it! Its pretty awesome & holds up well. This soundtrack is very dark in my mind. It scraps up nightmares from deep within my child hood consciousness. Things under the bed, the long shadows that hold weird monsters, winds with teeth, etc.


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