Sunday, March 18, 2012

Storm Bringer - A Kiss Is Just A Kiss - Actual Play

 We started the game off tonight with a bang! We were racing our horses through the corridors of time pursuing a minor enemy from the last campaign! 
We were being pursued by  The Hell-Horde of Chaos!  We lost 2 of our number to these chaos spawned hell creatures! These bastards serve  Xiombarg! We had neither the magic nor numbers to face them &so it was a case of race the Devil!  They wore chain mail armor or plate mail armor, helms, had swords, knives, spears and shields and mounted knights-like creatures. They cared nothing for any resistance we put up  & so kept on moving from century to century. The world spun beneath our hoofs. My chaos aligned warrior mage looked back & spotted the crest of  Gaynor the Damned! 

Oh how we were screwed six ways from Sunday!
 This was not going well & we needed to shake the Pack very quickly. A well placed spell made the whole time passage collapse around us! The magic echoed through time & space itself causing us to be egeticed into an unknown era & on another world not of our making. We numbered 6 since the character who had fallen from the deadly arrows of the Chaos Pack was replaced. How or when we do not know.
We ended up in some nameless desert!
 The demon of  time that provided the spell in the first place had no answers, We had lost the pack for now & the horses were safe. We had some food, rations, & water.
Nearby was the most incredible war machine lying in ruins we had ever seen!

We had to find shelter with the heat of the sun baring down on us & Gaynor would be on our heels soon enough.

We had foiled a scheme of Xiombarg, last campaign but this style of vengeance wasn't something  we were expecting. We have within our ranks a scout from the weeping desert known as  C'nmoon a warrior &archer without peer. The player rolled for the nearest source of water &off  we went. We have no idea what year it is, where we are, etc.
We do know that this plane is aligned with law & magic is iffy at best. We found the remains of an old fort & decided to make camp for the night. Everything was going well. We found water & the place was deserted. It wasn't !
During the night we posted guards & about 3 am we were awakened to the sound of  scrapping claws on stone!
A pack of ghouls attacked! They numbered 12 & used swords & shields as well. These weren't stupid undead! These were Lovecraftian ghouls. They looked very thin & starved! This wasn't going to be good! The melee lasted about an hour between dice rolls & spells cast by the beasties. Finally just before dawn we managed to drive the bastards off. We sought shelter & slept  rest of the day. We decided to travel at night & ended the first session right here. There's lots of questions that I've got. But we've jumped into the deep end of the pool with this one!
Information on Gaynor the Damned can be found right Here
 What was the deal with Southwood the warrior we were chasing in the first place? Was he nearby & did he still have the so called Bag of the Winds of Change?

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