Thursday, March 22, 2012

Into The Woods - Post Apocalytic Mars- Actual Play


To play catch up the party is making its way along with a force of green & red martians toward the Temple Of The Plumed Serpent. They don't realize that there are Sarmak forces lying in for them. The place is thick with scout walkers which are capable of making short work of mostly anything that comes their way!
What will happen? Tune In Later Tonight To Find Out!

Marker of the Plumed Serpent!


  1. My money is on the Sarmaks...they can be wicked opponents.

    Have you considered joining/contributing to Strange New World? It's a big, big place and I'm sorely tempted to include an installation left-over from those Tic Tic guys...

  2. You'd double your money garrisonjames! My players aren't happy with the Sarmaks this evening. Especially because I've used some of the fantastic resources from the Old School Heretic blog that are too good to pass up!
    Never heard of Strange New World but I'll take a look tomorrow! Thanks for the comment & there's much much more to come!

  3. Glad to have been of use/help. I really should finish the Tripod Raiding scenario--there's a few good ways to trip, trap or break into a Tripod..and inquiring player characters probably want to know...

  4. Not mine! The PC are doing an age old techique for dealing with powerful enemies.,. Running away! I believe they want me to round out the Sermak turf with megadungeons, genelabs, & the like.
    At its core D&D in whatever retro-clone or addition is a horror/adventure story. Its always interesting to see what the players come up with. So I can't wait to see where this is going to go. I look forward to see what you come up with so I can print it out & let them read it!
    Thanks for the comments!


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