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Relics & Weapons of Ancient Star Faring Peoples Uncovered!

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 Relics & Weapons of Ancient Star Faring Peoples Uncovered!

Left behind in alien ruins on strange worlds circling dead stars & megastructures are the relics of unknown &  forbidden ages past! The strange flotsam & jetsom of visitors long past. Down from the ages of legend & when the oververse was young. Some are malevolent & some are benign. All of them will leave you changed ... forever  

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The Wands Of  Imiric - A psionic artifact which enables its user to attack a target with a psionic blast which does 1d4 points of damage. The wand once a day can act as a cure light wounds spell. The wand also grants the user a limited form of telepathy 3 times per day.
Each wand contains the mind & life essences of its previous owners that are now imprinted within the artifacts. These experiences are odd, alien, & down right weird to a human mind. They can put a strain on the owner's mind after 1d10 weeks of use. The user must make a saving throw versus wands or lose 1 wisdom point each time they employ the wand's powers. The user once drained of all wisdom will be ready for conversion. The wand will slowly draw the user's soul into the wand to fuel the next owner. So has it been down through the ages

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The Memory Shapes Of The Theo Arch Nebula  - These are the liquid brain fluids of the Theo Arch. Those owners who bond with the memory shape have an additional memory storage facility at their finger tips. They gain +1 to their wisdom & +3 to their intelligence as the user's mind expands in strange angles of alien logic & dreams. The user gains full telepathic abilities, total memory recall, & infra vision. The shape rewrites the user's brain with new neural connections & modifies the user's DNA profile to something more useful to the original Theo Arch. These ancient aliens are long extinct & they have been replaced with the owners of the memory shapes as the new Theos!

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The I Living Device - Part Weapon, part organic organ, & partial  conduit to the Outer Darkness. This odd lump of purplish goo like organic tissue is actually the left over bit of a forgotten alien race. These life forms never had a name but were akin to the Great Old Ones. Within 1d6 days of claiming the device the user undergoes starling & horrifying changes! 
The user gains access to the long dead telepathic hive mind of the Originals as owners of  the device have taken to calling them. The user will grow two organic conduits within their flesh. They may expend 2 organic bone darts that do 1d4 points of damage within a 40 yard range. The user gains an alien telepathy that will drive those he or she contacts insane as per a symbol of insanity. 
The user also begins to change mentally as their thought processes become removed from normal humanity. The person's mind begins to change into something truly alien. In the final stages of their change they will be called to take their place with the rest of the undead bio zombie space gods within the depths of deep space. 

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The Zerri' Vases - These are the ancient remains of the Zerri navigators who roamed the oververse more then 30 billion years ago. These vessels contain their organs & essence. Those who hold these vases gain access to the memories, routes, & forbidden secrets of the Zerri people. These vessels add +4 to any space navigation rolls. There is a 40% that each time one of these vases is used the psycho active circuits will allow the life essence to possess the user. The user's eyes will change to allow the essence to use the person as a window to the oververse. The user gains 1d3 clerical spells & access to the memories of these blasphemous life forms. They're alignment may change to Chaotic & they may gain the abilities of a minor undead. The user will flee from the turning abilities of certain clerics or the spells of wizards 

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The Flesh of the Zi - This is not a simple piece of plastic but the android tissues of the Zi a conquerer race from beyond the milky way. The Zi loath anything with a carbon based life pattern. They leave bits & pieces behind where thy have visited in order to spread their perfection. Those who come in contact with the nano carbon tube machines of the Zi will be 'perfected'. They will have all of their stats increase by +2 & gain the lawful alignment. The Zi will use them as an agent for their awful schemes & agendas. They will gain 1d4 3rd level magic user's spells & their bodies will begin the conversion process to total synthetic perfection. Organs, nerves, all body parts will be converted to micro nano machinery. Only a cure light wounds, remove curse, & the application of a healing potion will remove the mechanical logical taint of the Zi!
Those who undergo total conversion will become an alien/warrior with the intention of forgetting entirely who they were. They will want to eventually want to join with the Zi hive mechanism within 1d10 months after exposure to the Flesh.
The Zi may teleport without error 2 times per week & has infravision in its final form!


  1. Another cool set of relics. Each is almost an adventure unto itself.

  2. Thanks Trey! Very cool comment as well. I'm working on some more sets of these as well. There's more coming up!


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