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High Tech Mysticism & High Caliber Adventure- Occupy Dr. Doom's Latveria

Out of all of the Marvel Villians of the Fanatastic Four no one except Galactus comes close to Victor Von Doom! No one.  For a super Merc campaign campaign to have a great patron you need one who pays on time, demands results, & has the technology no how to give the best toys! If the situation demands it.
This guy makes Steve Jobs look like a choir boy!
Dr. Doom’s Latverian Currency : By Chris Tirri
Dr. Doom’s Latverian Currency : By Chris Tirri

With all of the happenings of  the  many comic universes you can bet your bottom dollar that Doom is going to be investigating them! He's not  about to waste valuable technological resources when he can simply pay a few mercs send them in his name & get the results.

Hell they might not even know if their dealing with the real doom or simply another doom bot. 

There are 4 reasons for working for Dr.Doom : 
  1. He pays on time & in cash according to his Marvel Universe entry 
  2. He's honorable which means he will pay 
  3. He will not send resources on full suicide missions. Yes your characters are expendable but it doesn't me he's a murderer only a despot 
  4. He has a time machine able to go forward, backward, & sideways in time. Alternative Earths, mystic dimensions, places beyond the ken of men are not beyond the reach of  Doom!
    Giorgio Comolo -DrDoom 
    Dr Doom/Red Skull Comic Art
Dungeon Mastering Doom! 
Surely there aren't any resources out there that a DM can use for a Doom heavy campaign? Actually there are! Possibly one of the best of these is 

Basically this came out for the Marvel Super Heroes game back in '92. This is an indespensible piece of  gamage for those wishing to run with Doom. Here's why:
Lands of Dr. Doom [BOX SET]
• Domains of Doom, a 96-page book with Doom's history, a bibliography, a chronology of comic book appearances, an atlas of Latveria, Symkaria, and Transia.
• Machines of Doom, a 64-page book with new rules for technology and Doom's inventions.
• Deeds of Doom, a 32-page book of adventures.
• Two poster maps covering Castle Doom and Doomstadt.

"Know this now—and know it forever! DOCTOR DOOM has no rivals! None! NONE! In all the world, there is none to match me! None can rival DR. DOOM in total mastery of the diabolical!!"
(Text by Stan Lee, FANTASTIC FOUR #85)

For years, the secrets of the metal-clad monarch known as Victor Von Doom have remained his own. Now, in this 30th year as the premiere villain of the Marvel Comics universe, all those secrets are revealed to the world!

The Lands of DOCTOR DOOM Campaign Set is a comprehensive source on Doctor Doom, providing a closely detailed history, as well as delving into his "unrivalled" psyche to discover who truly lurks behind the iron mask. Marvel Europe is also drawn into the spotlight, exposing everything from the tourism to the technology of the Balkan States. Learn about Latveria, home of Doom and self-proclaimed "Gem of the Balkans." Discover Symkaria, home to Silver Sabre and her Wild Pack. Wonder at the wondrous Mount Wundagore in Transia, sometime-home to the High Evolutionary and prison of the Elder God Chthon. All this and more is waiting within The Lands of DR. DOOM Campaign Set."

1992 ... Anthony Herring & Scott Davis & Steven Schend ... TSR 6905 ... ISBN 156076404X

These sets are now going for 35.00 to 100.00 on ebay. Hoo Hum 
You can download the whole set right Here
The Armors of Doom 


Want to have more options for armor & the weapons of  Doom that didn't make it into the Lands of Doom box set? Then go over here & download the Dragon Magazine Marvel Phile compilation for a complete set of  options!
Right Here
Mega Dungeons of Doom 
Doom isn't a guy that thinks small. So all over the world are mini Castle Von Dooms including one in The Adirondack Mountains   in New York State.

You can find all of the artwork of Giorgio Comolo Here

Gaining Employment With Doom

Mercs wishing employment with the Latverian Overlord must go through a Latverian embassy contact. The chooses for assignments are endless. These can range from Carcosa to Post Apocalyptic Earths. Remember the Marvel multiverse contains lots & lots versions of Doom. 


  1. My Mystery Men! campaign just finished with an assault on that Castle Doom pictured above. I recast it as a Nazi castle, but the map came in very handy.

  2. Matt - I love that map! It's been used numerous times in my campaigns as well! Thanks for the comment! There's more to come!
    Brutorz Bill - This is an idea that just won't quit! There's more action coming up! Doom is perhaps one of my favorites! Glad you liked the post man!
    More coming soon!

  3. Actually, Doom doesn't always pay his debts.

    Just ask Luke Cage!

    Sweet Christmas, indeed!

  4. :-) There's more to come on this very,very soon!

  5. Thanks for the comments Justin!
    Steve Englehart, George Tuska and Billy Graham were fantastic for this series!


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