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Planetary Remains & Treasure 1d20 Encounter Tables An Encounter For High Tech Mysticism & High Caliber Adventure

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The Cosmic Titans 
They crawl among the stars in space craft & on cosmically hungry tentacles. They are cosmically powered horror incarnate. The Cosmic titans are random planar spawn born between the time of the current big bang & the awakening of the Great Old Ones. They have names like Typhoon, Archimedes, That Which Dwells Among The Stars. Some believe that they are the stray thoughts of cosmic violence of Azathoth himself given form. A dream of violence & cosmic futility given form & function. They are hungry & where they stride planets fall to them. 
After satisfying these carnal cosmic hungers they move on leaving nothing behind but ruins, cosmic parasites that feed on their energies, chaotic energies that induce mutation, insanity, & far worse. They also leave behind the flotsam & jetsam of worlds.Alien artifacts, relics from bygone ages & far far worse things that inhabit the Spaces In Between.
Around them floats devastated magic from cracked biospheres,ghostly alien hordes that cry out for vengeance where there is none. Around the places they have strode become reefs in space for interstellar dragons, asteroid worms,& minor cosmic vortex elementals. 
Other Cosmic beings sometimes follow in their wake. One group the Stewards gathers flocks of survivors preaching a sort of religion based on the salvation of destruction via whole sale prices.  
Some mercenary outfits specialize in just this sort of plunder. The ventures are high risk, high mortality, & bust or boon missions. There are no middle grounds with these so called Vulture outfits. They resemble space pirates more then mercs. Their reputations are low at best 

Random Planetary Finds  & Remains Tables 1d20 
  1. Mining fleet 1d30 ships each worth 600 gold each. There is an alien energy signature on board 
  2. Nuclear Materials from alien atomic furnaces 60000 gold for intact 10% mutation hazard still partially shielded 
  3. Entire City Block including stories etc. 1d10 intact treasures 5000 gold for each. Weak gravity 
  4. Grand temples intact 1d6 treasures 500 each 20% of their guardians still being active 
  5. Alien power generators 20% of mutation hazard 1d3 each worth 500 gold 
  6. Survivors & refugee fleet will trade metals for medicines 1d10 ships 
  7. Pipes & conduits sticking from a 500 yard meteor. Strange materials worth 20 gold per foot 
  8. Glowing chunk of alien rock 40% of mutation hazard 
  9. Burned out remains of a battle cruiser 80000 gold 
  10. Alien weapons array intact with a severed tentacle still at the controls 50000 gold 
  11. 1d4 sky scrapers tumbling through space. Mostly intact with new revolutionary building materials 20000 gold
  12. An information cloud of 45 billion bits & pieces of a culture's data. Floating among the stars there may be alien info ghosts 40% of encountering them. 30000 gold 
  13. Military installation still intact on a 20 square mile piece of land. 80000 gold 
  14. Alien Biosphere ships with alien wilderness intact 70000 gold 
  15. 1d10 cosmic items beyond human imagination 50% of mutation hazard 50000 gold 
  16. 1d6 metallic remains of aliens. May be used as a power source. 800 gold each 
  17. 1d4 strange glowing rocks 30 gold each 60% of mutation hazard 
  18. A chuck of 20 miles square that holds alien & exotic space life forms. Worth 30,000 gold 
  19. Complete intact section of an alien city 1d4 treasures. Still inhabited & they're angry about it 
  20. A 3 mile long ship floating in space that is depowered down. The ship has been to the Spaces Between the Stars & beyond!

File:Tour Infernale couleur.jpg
Mega Cosmic dungeon waiting for exploration! Who knows what secrets it holds? 

Random Interstellar Cosmic Encounter Table 1d20 
  1. Cosmic Worm # Appearing 1d3 AC 5 HD: 13 Move 12/18 % in lair 50%  Treasure H 
  2. Space Macrosites # Appearing 1d3 AC 7 HD: 14 Move 9 % in Lair 20% Treasure Nil 
  3. A Horde Of Alien Ghosts As Ghosts 
  4. Cosmic  Lovecraftian Parasites # Appearing :3 AC 6 HD: 3  % In Lair 100%  Treasure H 
  5. Minor Planar Demons # Appearing 1-3 AC 7HD :8  % In Lair 20% Treasure Nil 
  6. Tentacled Biomechanical Horror # Appearing 1-3 AC 5 HD: 12 % In Lair 60% Treasure H 
  7. 1d4 alien mercs as Fighting Men. Will open fire as soon as they see you 
  8. Minor Cosmic Horrors # Appearing 2 AC 6 HD: 18  %In Lair 100% Treasure B 
  9. Energy Elements #Appearing 3 AC:8 %HD :2  In Lair 100 Treasure Nil 
  10. Cosmic Worms #Appearing 1-3 AC 7 HD 11 %In Lair  60% Treasure H 
  11. Planar Phase Spider #Appearing 1-4 AC 6 HD:4   % In Lair 50% Treasure C 
  12. Space Trolls #Appearing 1-3 AC:4 HD : 6  % In Lair 100 % Treasure H 
  13. Space Zombies # Appearing 1-10 AC HD:2 5 % In Lair 100 % Treasure Nil 
  14. Cosmic God Parasite #1 AC 3 % HD 14%In Lair 70% Treasure :C
  15. Will O' Space # Appearing 1-6  AC:8 HD:3 % In Lair 50%  Level Drain Treasure: A 
  16. 1d6 Space Pirates As Fighters Level 2  
  17. Asteroid Worms # Appearing 1-3 AC:6 HD:8 % In Lair 60% Treasure: H 
  18. Chaos Elemental #Appearing 2 AC 8 HD:7 % In Lair:80% Treasure: Nil (Salvage remains 40 GP) 
  19. Little Green Men #Appearing 1-4  AC:3 HD:10 % In Lair 20% Treasure: H 
  20. Major Arch Devil ( Actually Nothing there its space Madness!) 


  1. Hats off to you. You've really worked up alot of stuff for this campaign concept.

  2. There's more to come Bill, I've got new stuff coming up tomorrow. A brand new employment group or two,monsters, spells, weapons, etc. These are going to be stuff that hasn't been seen before for this type of game.
    Thanks for the kind words Bill & the encouragement! There's lots more to come! Stay Tuned for the next issue!

  3. A highly evocative set of tables.

  4. Thanks Trey there's more coming! Stay Tuned!

  5. Wowee. That was something especially special - even just the concept.

  6. Porky guess I dropped the ball on this comment! Sorry about that & thanks for the complement & comment! There's more to come! Hope all is well!


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