Thursday, March 8, 2012

More Shattered Space Port City State - Post Apocalyptic Mars

 The party found itself within the older main city tonight. They figured they were safe & decided to do a bit of investigating into the city itself. That is until they ran afoul of the assassin's guild carrying out its latest contract!

The 4th level fighter proved to be a bit of a tough call for them. The fact he wasn't backing off from his target proved rather bothersome.
 He was armed with a radium pistol & energy sword. The radium pistol kept them very much pinned down as the bastard moved in for the kill on his target. Each shot did 1d8 points of damage. The weapon was loaded with gyro jet ammo!

The city guards moved in & the assassin escaped in a puff of smoke. His target a minor imperial family member escaped with his life though! The party fouling his plans!

The city guard questioned them for hours grilling the party about its whereabouts, motives, etc. The players rolled terribly so I tacked on an extra 1d3 hours more of grilling!

In the meantime they were able to get back to the inn where they were staying only to almost get carved up by an angry green mutant  warrior merc.

A couple of sword thrusts, charisma rolls, & finally an explanation later on both parties they were able to find out that the party had crossed into a blood feud between mutant & green man groups.
 This put them at odds with two different rival green men working the merc circuit.
There were matters of honor & contracts at stack here! The party was able to compensate the merc & get the heads up about another party of green men who wants their heads!
The party also observed the minor noblemen again & this time with a group of red Amazon warrior adventurer women!

The girls were armed to the teeth & their slaves were loading up supplies, ammo, etc. they looked like they were getting ready for war!
 The party decide to sneak around & get a closer look at the ladies set up! They wandered down the wrong alley as they came face to face with 7 Martian 'dogs'. These 3 hit point animals were hungry, rabid, & itching for a fight!
The fight seemed to go on for a dog's age! Three of the party took damage & they finally killed the dogs off. 
By the time the players got a chance to see what the warrior women were up to they were long gone! They left a hover vortex in their wake & some very interested characters! 
If your wondering where the dogs came from they were brought off world before the Atomic Wars! 
The party did a quick investigation in the neighborhood where the Amazons were staying & with the help of a very noisy landlady & a well placed bribe they came up with an alien shield from one of the women's former rooms! The land lady overheard them talking about a location deep within the wasteland called the Temple of The Plumed Serpent!
The party heard noise coming from out side of the room they were in. A quick look out spied 3 heavily armed wolfoid mercs! This species is a leftover from the glory days of the space port! They did not want to confront a group of heavily armed mercs at this date & left the house as quickly as possible! 

The game ended with the party moving through the city back streets as fast as possible & I let them go back to their inn to lick their wounds & heal. They were in no shape to really take on the wolfoid scouts  at all tonight!
 We were using a bunch of the Bronze Age Minis again tonight! If you want to see any of those go Here

Big City Encounters Table 1d10 - The Inner Neighborhoods 
  1. 1d4 green mutant warriors 2nd level. Looking to celebrate a recent victory! 
  2. A group of brazen harlots out for a night on the town looking to pick up a few extra clients 
  3. A Slave Trader with 1d6 slaves looking to sell them to make a quick profit 
  4. The city guard 3rd level warriors armed with swords & radium pistols 1d4 # 
  5. 1d4 red imperial nobles slumming looking for adventure 2nd level warriors 
  6. Scavenger Mutants 1d4 3 hit points 3 random mutations turning cannibal. Hungry so very very hungry 
  7. Necromancer lord & retinue of  1d6 Amazon warrior women armed with energy weapons. Looking for prey for their master 
  8. A map seller looking for a sucker to make a quick buck with his map of a supposed lost treasure. Little does he know its real. A map to an old Martian cache of atomic weapons & military secrets! 
  9. A group of red martian neanderthal warriors looking for  lost member of their tribe! Willing to pay 7 gold pieces to someone who knows his whereabouts 
  10. A group of  6 adventurers 2nd & 3rd level  with a trained white ape! Their looking for employment & might be hired as hirelings! 

What is the Temple Of  The Plumed Serpent ?
Whose hiring all of those mercs? 
Why have Wofoids gotten involved? 
Where is the temple & is it another mega dungeon?!? 


  1. Sounds like a blast! I love how you mix and match things!

  2. Thanks Bill I've got another game coming up tonight! So lets see how this goes! I've written up the Temple & posted it for tonight's game. None of my players have any idea what their in store for their characters! There's more to come!


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