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The Hustlers, The Thieves & The Warriors of A Post Apocalyptic Mars

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This is a war universe. War all the time. That is its nature. There may be other universes based on all sorts of other principles, but ours seems to be based on war and games. All games are basically hostile. Winners and losers. We see them all around us: the winners and the losers. The losers can oftentimes become winners, and the winners can very easily become losers.
The War Universe
William S. Burroughs
What happens when the universes of Edgar Rice Burroughs & William S. Burroughs become entrenched together?
You get a sleazy Barsoom draped in a post apocalyptic twist with 
The Hustlers, The Thieves & The Warriors all moving across a 9th world universe on the nod! 
You can blame Trey over at the Sorcerer's Skull this was all his idea! Here
Hustlers, Junkies, Tramps, & Thieves Random Encounters Table 1d30 
  1. 1d4 Black Powder Salesmen acting as agents for the Nova Mob. Armed with Energy Weapons & Paranoid 
  2. 1d6 red warriors 2nd level hopped on Martian Bug Powder. Armed With Swords 
  3. 1d10 Martian Zombies 
  4. 1d4 Black Pirate Organ Leggers 3 hit dice & armed with orgon blasters 1d4 damage 6 shots  40'' range 
  5. 3 Shambleau Witches 4 hit points with 1d4 potions of Ecstasy. Looking to sell or trade 'favors' for them 
  6. 1d4 thieves looking for easy marks. Hopped up on Helium goof balls. Short swords 3 hit points 
  7. 1d6 Black Meat Merchants, 10 pds of the black flesh. 1d4 black martian guards 2nd level 
  8. 5 warriors of the Nova Mob armed with energy weapons 1d3 damage 3 shots each 60 " range. Looking for victims to be shipped off world for 'experiments' 
  9. 3 scientists 3rd level from Interzone looking for experimental patients & an escapee! 
  10. 1d6 mugwump agent/cultists & holy therns collecting sacrifices 4 hit points each armed with short swords, stunners, & 2nd level spells 
  11. 1d10 Dead Sea Bottom Gangers looking to score. 
  12. 1d3 Interzone Pirates on hovercycles armed with orgone blasters 1d4 points of damage 4 shots 60 yard range. Looking for trouble 
  13. 1d4 Green Mutant Warriors 2nd level selling psionic Ecstasy crystals 50 gold pieces each 6 crystals 
  14. A famous assassin from the guild scoping out his target! Using shape shifting cells 
  15. A Black Oil Merchant looking to unload his wears. On the nod at this moment. Selling 5 pints of stuff for 40 gold each 
  16. An Interzone traitor agent armed with an orgone blaster 1d3 damage, 6 shots, 40 yard range. Wounded & dying willing to telepathically rape some one's mind to implant his dastardly secrets 
  17. The Martian Kid is looking to score & he's got 1d100 gold to blow! 
  18. 1d4 Interzone Soldiers armed with Zeta Pistols 1d4 damage 6 shots 40 yard range are looking for a rogue scientist & mind criminal called Benway 
  19. 2nd level green mutant 4 hit points is looking for revenge against the Nova Mob are you with them??! 
  20. 3 agents part of an alien hive mind from beyond time & space are working the angles of time & their looking for a new patsy 
  21. 1d3 imperial red martians 2nd level warriors are looking for an escaped criminal named Burroughs. He's armed & very dangerous. 4th level psionics using a telepathic enhancing drug to beam subversive messages to the Martian populace 
  22. 4 Shambleau Hustlers on the nod are looking to share their sacred infinity sacrament with a 'worthy' person 
  23. 6 Martian Shamans are selling the aquatic dragon's black meat to a patron of the greater Not universe 50 gold pieces 
  24. 1d4 Martian Vamps 4 hit points are gathering victims for Interzone 
  25. 3 organ leggers 2 hit points each  & armed with stunners are  working for the scientists of the Nova Mob. They're gathering the brain chemicals of victims  to create new designer junk. 
  26. Merchant Prince looking to trade slaves for a new religious drug. 4 body guards 3rd level red warriors armed with swords & radium pistols 
  27. 1d4 warriors green mutants 2nd level warriors with Martian Blow armed with Swords & Energy Weapons. Looking for new marks for their scientist master. Very jumpy & edgy! 
  28. Giant Desert Centipedes 3 hit points each, 1d4 damage bite with acidic poison, can be turned into a powerful hallucinatory drug if dried & cut with baby powder 
  29. 1d4 flying crystal skulls 4 hit points 1d4 psionic powers 
  30. 1d6 mugwumps looking to recruit agents 

Details on orgone Here
William S Burroughs Here
James Killian Spratt's graphic artwork of a Princess from Mars can be found Here


  1. Cool! You certainly know how to run with an idea. :)

  2. Well I had great inspiration! The two Burroughs certain fit together well. There's a certain seediness to the North West Smith stories that lends itself to this genre. I'm certainly happy with the results. James Killian Spratt's illustrations are pretty damn primal & primitive in an outsider art sort of way as well. I'm going to do more with this soon.Its too good to leave alone in a cold dark Martian alley way..


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