Sunday, March 4, 2012

More Shattered Space Port City State Encounters - Post Apocalyptic Mars

Tonight's game found the players going deeper into the former space port. They traveled along the edge of the wall & spent a bit of time dining, shopping, re equipping & generally getting a feel of the city.
The inner wall of the former space port is actually the facilities for the city's air ships & commerce.

They got a chance to encounter some of the more colorful inhabitants of this place.
Random Inner Wall Encounters 1d10 

  1. Sail Wrights having discussions about the failings of certain styles of air ships & how many were killed 
  2. Ship crews going about their business deep in conversation about some pre Atomic War ruins that the recent sand storms had uncovered 
  3. Merchant with a bunch of Mutant Slaves. He's selling their old armor at a reduced price as well 
  4. Escaped Red mutant child with 1d3 psionic powers looking for her brother 
  5. Veteran Gladiator looking for a party to train. 5th level fighter knows 2 handed fighting style 
  6. Navigators & Psychics talking about a recent up tick in planar demonic activity  & what might be causing it 
  7. Ape Men Mercs discussing the Invaders sightings on the boarder of the City State 
  8. Council men looking to hire a party of adventurers to gather intel about the recent sightings of invaders out near those ruins in the wasteland 
  9. A group of Scavenger muties looking to sell some homemade technology & offer their services as tour guides in the deep wasteland 
  10. A very drunk green mutant warrior looking to cause trouble 2nd level fighter 

The Old Ruins 

The ruins are some 200 miles from where the party is currently staying 
Recently these ruins were uncovered by the sand storm that raged through the area. These ruins are of an old race Space Port. They contain very little in the way of artifacts & technology except for the energy rods that are still within them. These rods have a half life of 300 or more years. The whole place through is crawling with Death Worms -No Appearing 1-10 HP 12 Move 40" per round  Damage 1d3 with Acid From Each Attack. 
The Wells Invaders have detected the energy signs from the rods & 2 scout walkers have already been dispatched. The place also has a radiation hazard in high end of the spectrum. Lingering more then a few hours will cause a save versus poison to happen or the person will be very sick. This is followed by a save versus death. 
There will be a mutation check made after visiting these ruins 

The Invaders will be sending an assault time of  three manta ships to investigate the signatures. Some of the mutant species found in the wasteland are far more dangerous then any resistance these creatures encountered. 

Inspiration For The Encounter 
This article on Barsoom has provided me with plenty of ideas The article by Den Valdron  Here  Was first reported by the folks over at the Old School Heretic contains some very cool Mars stories not usually seen


  1. Any chance you compile your random tables into a handy pdf?

  2. I'm not that great with the pdf format. I wish I could, if someone out there wouldn't mind helping me out! I'd love to collect some of this into a handy format. Heck I'd do some extra stuff as well! Thanks for the comment & there's lots more to come!


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