Sunday, March 4, 2012

Marking Another Year -The Of Passing Gary Gygax

 Its Sunday & today I was sitting in McDonald's eating lunch & thinking about an upcoming game. 
Then it hit me. Gary Gygax is gone. There wasn't a Dungeons or Dragons book around me. I wasn't with players today. I was sitting quietly & writing some campaign notes on a napkin actually. It hit me quite hard actually.
It was a quiet sad little moment then. He's gone but left us a hobby.
I'm a geek, a nerd, & all of those other words that people use to describe those of us who fall into this life. I don't have a huge number of stories about meeting Gary. I meant him a some total of three times at Gencon when it was Gencon.
I talked with him about hunting actually & gun collecting. We talked about shoe repair & what I do for a living repairing sewing machines. It was a surreal experience because at no time did we mention D&D. 
The next time we meant we talked about wargames & work again. 
The final time we met it was pretty much about wargames again.
The end result is that I met the "father of  role playing" & ended up talking about wargames which is fitting.
I thought of this quote: 
"I would like the world to remember me as the guy who really enjoyed playing games and sharing his knowledge and his fun pastimes with everybody else.
— Gary Gygax

Yeah & my world is a bit sadder because the Father Of Role Playing isn't in it anymore. Mr.Gygax wherever you are you are remembered & missed. This man's  impact echos forever. For your consideration ladies & gentlemen. 

File this one under influences & inspirations.  


  1. Well said. I only got to say hi to him once but I won't forget his smile.

  2. Thanks Bill, its been an odd day with this thought rattling around my head all day. Very odd sad feeling today.
    I guess we feel loss in different ways & for me this is simply my way of dealing with it.
    Thanks for the comment man.. There will be more content coming soon!


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