Friday, March 9, 2012

The Temple of The Plumed Serpent - A Post Apocalyptic Mars Location!

The temple of the Plumed Serpent is an ancient structure that has stood in the Martian jungles for eons. The place is avoided by the right minded & sane. Within its bounds the natural laws run like blood on the sacrificial alters!
Those who have claimed to seen its crumbling walls are fools or the damned! The place is the center of weird planar effects & random encounters with demons or worse. There are rumors of the place being corrupted eons ago during the worst of the atomic fires that bathed bits & pieces of the place!

Ancient legend states that the place was once connected with the pathways of the gods & that men were seen entering & leaving to other worlds where they might become as  gods! 

There are rumors in the desert near the horror infested jungles that drums have been heard recently.Strange warriors have been seen at the edge of the tree line & that there are ancient horrors stirring beneath the temple!
 Even now the living god of the temple sends deadly dreams of insanity & night mare out into the psychics minds around the place! 

There are rumors in nearby villages that ancient evil stirs in the form of ghosts, demons, & worse seen in the wastelands.
Many of the so called sacred texts have a variety of quantum psychics & 3rd level choatic magic spells inscribed on human flesh!  

Those artifacts recovered from the jungles around the temple have brought with them strange & disturbing revelations about the fabric of space & time in the area! 

 There is talk  strange dungeon like areas that extend miles below the planet's surface! Who knows what evil dwells there! 

The temple of the Plumed Serpent Is located Right Here ! 
Its been taken over by Tau Endri Natives & converted to the worship of horrible gods from beyond the pale of space & time! 
The location is another Black Ziggurat planar cause way  with many miles of interconnected sub trains that crisscross under the Martian desert! Some are still in use & some have been covered over to the use of strange Martian monsters & beings!
The players are heading their this evening!

This entry has been inspired by Human Space Empires & Empire of The Petal Throne! 


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