Sunday, March 4, 2012

Black Market Martian Weapons For Your Old School Space Opera

Black Market Martian Weapons
  1. Rogue's Radium Pistol 1d4 Damage 7 Shots 60" Range - Packing a slightly more powerful charge then other weapons of its ilk this light weight weapon packs everything you need when prowling those dead sea bottoms 
  2. Mutant Radium Rifle - 1d8 Damage 10 Shots 2 Mile Range - Constructed from the parts of  space craft wrecks these weapons are used by the Green Mutant stock found along the dead bottom floors. These weapons have also been adopted by various unsavory red human tribes as well. 
  3. Scavenger Radium Dart Launchers - Damage 1d4 4 Shots 40 yard Range  -These weapons are constructed from atomic treated steel, standard radium ammo, & the wood from dead cities. These weapons are used by the Scavenger Muties in the lower dunes. 
  4. Scavenger Dart Launcher -Damage 1d3 Range 40 yards  Constructed from old Atomic War medicine kits, spring steel, & star ship sensors. These are the perfect holdout weapon for some very nasty characters 
  5. Vardo Crystal Whip - 1d4 damage 20 yards - Made from the extendable tongue of the Vardo Worms this weapon leaves behind in the wounds the preserved crystal growths of the creature. These will cause wounds to take 5 times as long to heal & leave a very nasty tell tale sign. 
  6. Red Crystal Swords - Created from the so called Fires Of Ashruma these weapons are part metal & part crystal. They will hold up under the most heinous of conditions & the cult of Ashruma creates them. They count as +2 swords & it is said that the soul of the demon god is found in each blade! 
  7. Spell Store One Shot Pistol Range 200 yards, Effects:Various Depending On Ammo. These antique weapons were created by the ancients centuries ago & their ammo can be found in various old Atomic War weapon caches still. The effects of the weapon's ammo depend upon the spell used. There are those who believe that the weapons are still cursed with bad luck to this day 
  8. Toxic Custom - Damage 1d4 Range 200 yards 6 shots Target must Save Versus poison or die- This strange weapon was used by the Cult of Pluto to send the damned to the underworld. The weapons are universally reviled & only those of an evil bent will carry these weapons. 
  9. Phase Dagger +2 These daggers carry a charge of Phasic energy & contain a mini generator within the handle. They have been known to blow up for 1d4 points of damage should the weapon be damaged though. Only those trained in the use of these weapons should attempt to use them. A weapon from a more elegant time.
  10. Zeta Duct Bile Weapon  - Damage 1d10 Range 70 yards Shots 7 - These weapons are created from the organs of various giant radioactive insects from the Western deserts. They are used only by chaotic mutant cultists from the southern deserts. Recently they have been used against civilian & other military targets. This might be signaling the rising of ancient Martian god cults 

Black Market Weapon Prices 
  1. 6000 gold pieces 
  2. 30000 gold pieces 
  3. 2000 gold pieces 
  4. 700 gold pieces 
  5. 6000 gold pieces 
  6. 25000 gold pieces 
  7. 50000 gold pieces 
  8. 60000 gold pieces 
  9. 7000 gold pieces 
  10. 80000 gold pieces 

Random Availability Table 1d6 
  1. I'm sorry but those are around at the moment & why do you want one of those anyways 
  2. Yeah here's the last one 
  3. I don't like your face so double the price mate 
  4. Here's another guy looking for one of those! Yeah we got 'em but what you really want is one of these! 
  5. You have blunted the honor of my ancestors & so now you must die 
  6. Yeah we've got plenty of those right here followed by the sound of the weapon cocking 


  1. Another one that made me smile, in a good way. Some characteristically excellent ideas.

  2. Thanks Porky! The comment made me smile! The ideas were sitting on a napkin & translated pretty well into a recent game. There's more to come! Stay tuned! There will be more!


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