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Horror Beyond The Grave For Crypts & Things: "Knights from the East."

"Knights from the East."

Type: Undead 
Armor Class:8(11) or 7(12) with shield 
Hit dice:2
Attacks: Weapon or Strike (1d8)
Saving Throw :16 
Special: Immune To Sleep & Charm, Hunts By Sound (20 yard radius)
Challenge Level/XP:2/30 

The "Knights from the East." are an evil cult of knights known as the Templars they tortured and murdered innocent victims in a quest for eternal life. After a revolt by the local townspeople, the Templar knights were executed and their corpses left for the crows to peck out their eyes. Years later, terror begins again as the eyeless undead knights rise from their tombs to hunt their victims by sound. 
 The Templar knights are basicly mummified skeletons that wear robes and usualy hack or slash their victims with swords and drink their blood.
These beings are summoned from some nether hell where their eyes have been put out to keep them from escaping.
Many think that they can escape their grasp. 
Well you can run as fast as you want, but the knights are always faster than you are, somehow taking shortcuts through thin air and always having their skeletal steeds available as if pulling them out of their armors' pockets!

A version of the animate dead spell from the Sumerian Thal version of the Necronomicon contains a formula that allows the necromancer to summon double the number of these warriors from the Outer Darkness. But they will not be under the control of the necromancer!

There have been dozens of sightings of these monsters throughout Europe as the supernatural energies course through the ether raising these foul things up on their own. 

Many towns have placated them with yearly sacrifices of flesh. This only satisfies their eternal hunger for a time. The monsters always come for the living eventually.
They can be set ablaze, hacked to death, or destroyed with sufficient force. Many times their victims simply seem to give up as the aura of evil they radiate tears through the sanity of the place where these foul things have risen!

These foul beings may be found anywhere that this evil cult flourished. Pockets of these monsters have been found across the planet. There have been incidents of these monsters being summoned from beyond time & space to plague the living by some insane necromancer or evil wizard! 

Notes:  These monsters are very quickly done & their powers are ill defined on purpose. I'm a huge Blind Dead fan & these were done because one of my players complained that zombies as monsters are overdone! So I statted up these guys fast for my Saturday/Sunday C&T game.
I came across this bit on wiki :
The film nearly ended up being severely rewritten for its English language release, to turn it into a "Planet of the Apes" cash-in. The original plan for its US release, was that the film would be completely re-written to be a post-Apocalyptic future where the undead would be deceased intelligent apes similar to the ones seen in Planet of the Apes. This was ultimately aborted however, though location footage scenes from the film were edited together and a narration explaining the premise was commissioned and finished before the decision was made to simply adapt the original script.
Very weird.

 The concept artist Billy George has been hard at work doing a Blind Dead comic book. There are some nipples in the comic so you've been warned! See his awesome site Here


  1. Those Blind Dead skeletons make their hollywood counterparts look low-level. The Templar origin story is fantastic, which prompts me to place the raggedy horrors in a pulp/cthulhu setting.

  2. They're actually made to be used in both Sword & Sorcery or in a more modern day(pulp) setting. The whole encompasses many parts of what we think of as pulp actually. Sword & Sorcery has its origins in the pulp tradition just as 70s S&S is tied in with the origin of original D&D.
    I hope that I didn't come across as a know it all. Thanks for the comment & for reading this blog there's more Crypts & Things action coming up. Stay Tuned!


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