Saturday, March 10, 2012

Moebius, aka Jean Giraud, aka Gir, Has Passed Away

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I could simply copy the wiki entry on this man or say something witty but there are some deaths that simply roll over you like a frieght train. Those back up in reverse & slowly grind over your last nerve. This is one of those. 
He died of cancer on March 10th 2012 at age 73 in Paris

I truly don't know where to begin. The man has perhaps one of the highest regards among the OSR crowd because of his work in Heavy Metal. The fact that he never drew a single module cover has little bearing in my mind to his impact. Each & every time someone mentions weird this or eldrith that its always his work that I see put up on this blog or that. 

This book is one of my favorites about Glalactus & the Silver Surfer... There's a  sense of  wonder & the fantastic that I see lacking in comics today which seem sterile &  computer driven. 
The Airtight Garage was incredible & well you get the idea. To say I'm a bit upset is an understatement & his work is simply awe inspiring. You want to know more about read Here 
His official page is Here


The world is now slightly less magical today! Serious this bums me out. I never got the chance to meet the man, talk with him, & thank him for all of the wonderful work he gave me & the world. File this under influences & admire the work, worlds, & creations given to us by a artistic genius. 

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