Thursday, March 29, 2012

Snakemen Of The Plumed Serpent A Post Apocalyptic Mars - Actual Play

The players made it to the outer edges of the Temple of the Plumed Serpent. The caravan met its first real resistance & players got caught in the middle of a fire fight between their caravan & a group of Thork slavers 
It wasn't pretty at all! The caravan was wiped out in a quick succession of a roll of the dice! 

The Thorks began to clean up the remains of the caravan & the amazons & green men were taken by the Thorks in the aftermath.

The worst thing they faced down was Thork Steam punk scout mech. The thing took slaves very quickly. A color spray & an artifact let them cover their tracks as their patron was captured by the Thorks! 

It all looked lost for our heroes at this point! They decided to double back & take the game trails back to the city!
They need to mount a rescue at this point! There patron will be sacrificed to the Plumed Serpent in 2days  as the Mar moon becomes the Serpent's eye soon! 

One player character missed a saving throw tonight gave up the ghost  to a jungle parasite which rotted the flesh from his character's leg.. 

The characters picked up a few surviving Green Mutant Warrior mercs & were beating it back to the city as fast as they could when a craft flew over head. It dropped robotic spiders & they fought hard against them. Finally making the main game trails. 

Three things are happening tonight that they missed vital clues to: 
  1. They have a naga bounty hunter whose in the employ of the serpent men 
  2. They have to cross the Dark Martian turf to get back to the red imperial city 
  3. There's lots of jungle between them & that city!
     The megadungeon remains & there are serpents spawning in the darkness. They're going to recruit more players to take down this twisted foul degenerate place of sin & depravity. If they get back to the city alive! 

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