Friday, March 2, 2012

The Shattered Space Port City State - Post Apocalyptic Mars

Tonight's game wasn't about melee, or killing monsters it was about getting the characters into a burned out Martian City State. 

Once one of the crown jewels in the Martian world the place is now nothing but a former shell of itself. The party came off of the main game trails & on to one of the main Martian roads to the city.
The whole place had a used look about it.
One of the players lost control of his riding lizards & ended up running smack dab into a caravan coming back from the deep wasteland!

After a few hasty explanations the players were able to wrangle an invitation into the tents of the local merchant  lord.
 The merchant was looking for new employees after losing some good green warriors to some really nasty mutants it was time to celebrate the return home.
The party was invited to spend time with the merchant prince outside the city gates while the city authorities scanned the party & the merchant caravan for containments.
The party's bard was hired & the fighters from the party were hired. The red man who did the hiring though was cut down by the green warriors in a duel. 
Things went from bad to worse as the party had to have its bacon rescued in the nick of time by the city guard. There were some odd guys in gas masks among their ranks scanning the party & breaking up the fights between folks. They were concerned that the rules of swordsmen had not been observed.
 There was some back & forth between the employer & the green men with heated discussion going on between the two in low intergalactic. The affair seem to resolve itself.
The party in the meantime was finally let into the city.
They began to see the sights & sound of a city state at war. Ruin & devastation everywhere around them.
Here are some of the random encounter charts I wrote up for this game.
Martian City State Encounters 1d10 Outer Walls 
  1. City Guard Fighting Men gas masks & protective gear. 3rd level armed with swords 
  2. Grifters & con men with fuax trading gear  goods. 10% list price breaks 30% of the time 
  3. Weapon sellers 30% mark up on the usual list price mostly inferior goods 
  4. 1d10 Scavenger Mutants 
  5. 1d6 Wandering red degenerate neanderthals 1st level warriors 
  6. 1d3 refugees from other city states 
  7. 1d3 huddled masses 
  8. Boss Gel'var'kari 4th level green warrior/disgraced tribal leader now crimelord 
  9. 1d6 Thieves with guild tent & quarters. 
  10. A red mutant psychic child looking for her brother 1d3 psionic powers 
Inner Walls - The inner walls are protected by former ship's guns & tracking stations. 
Tracking guns 1d10 damage 3 mile range 
Anti personnel guns 1d6 200 yard range 
Weapons trained on both inner & outer walls 

Inner Wall Random Encounters 1d10 
  1. Sail Wrights & air ship supply crews 1d6 
  2. 1d3 thieves & pick pockets 
  3. 1 merchant prince with a group of slaves in tow. 1d4 staff & 1st level fighter body guards 
  4. 1d10 ships crews going about their businesses 
  5. Escaped red mutant child looking for its brother. 2nd level psychic. Missing an arm 
  6. Veteran Gladiator (4th level fighter) looking for workers 
  7. 1d3 Navigators & Psychics 3 rd level talking among themselves about a recent planar demonic possession 
  8. Ape men mercs discussing invader sightings along the city state boarders. 1d6 3rd level fighters/mercs 
  9. 1d4 warriors gathering up players for a gambling night. Looking for suckers 
  10. Giant Mutant Insect Hunters getting back from the hunt & successful kill 1d4 2nd level warriors. Drunk & a bit disorderly

The mini's in tonight's game were by Bronze Age Minis they're really awesome! There's more to come. You can see more of their stuff Here 
 The idea behind the The Shattered Space Port City State is that the facilities here are long out of use but the alien tourists have settled down on Mars & raised families giving me all kind of opportunities to throw in some of my own creations into this game! There's more to come next week! 


  1. It was a good solid game man! Very cool! Enjoyed the hell out of this! Thanks for the comment & there's lots more to come! Stay Tuned!


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