Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dangerous Interplanar Space Hulks For Your Old School Space Opera


From out of the depths of hyper dimensional cosmic reality  come these 
dangerous passengers of the twilight worlds 
Random Interplanar Space Hulk Encounters 1d10 
  1. A 2 mile long spinning structure of alien steel & girders. The reactor is still leaking as it enters normal space. There are several energy signatures aboard & some very odd life form readings. There are 2 hit point robotic parasites aboard feeding. There might be valuable relics aboard 
  2. A 200 yard former war ship that was decommissioned centuries ago exits unreality & moves into sensor range. The weapon systems are still aboard. The engines barely function but there are organic readings aboard. 1d10 zombies are aboard. 
  3. 1d10 mechanical  space locust husks each 1 mile long appears! From the instrument readings they're dead. The metallic content of their bodies is very valuable. There are however some very odd life form readings coming from them!
  4. An asteroid exits hyper dimensional reality & begins to enter a far orbit. Sensors indicate a 'Space Termite' Hive Ship! The ship is 24 miles long & full of millions of the 2 hit dice monsters! They're might be incredibly valuable cargo aboard though. 
  5. A converted world battle station slowly spins just outside of normal space time & just seems to be waiting for something. The psychic turbulence around it is astounding. There are 3 separate clouds of wrecked ships. Strangely there are metallic shapes that float within the cloud what could they be? 
  6. A Sargonite Gateway Ship spins it's way through several realities at the same time! The beast of a ship over 5 miles long will enter your universe for only 1d4 hours. Do you dare to get on to it & investigate? Who knows where its been & what it has picked  up.   A sensor sweep will indicate that the gate mechanism is still active!
  7. A Dresenian're Plague Ship filled to the brim with over 5 million plague victims exits hyper dimensional reality. The ship is hot & her reactor is leaking. The stasis pods are still functioning but for how long? The plague could spread if a person was exposed. There is no known cure!
  8. The wreckage of an unknown war fleet has been reduced down to a drifting cloud of artifacts. The cloud is moving under its own power who knows what is powering it. What might be found inside?
  9. A comet conceils a deadly secret within. There is an unknown ship within her running on very little power. It is full of life forms & keeps pace with the comet. The ship is 3 miles in length & is powered by an unknown drive 
  10. A strange winged vessel known as the Revenge exits astral space. The vessel was built for the astral plane not space. There are several unknown alien weapons systems aboard &  a message being broadcast in several alien languages. Dare you investigate?



Random Planar Creature Encounters 1d10 
  1. Robotic Parasites - Armor Class 8 2 Hit Dice armed with construction blasters 1d3 damage range 40 yards 4 shots 
  2. Mechanical Worms of Lurr - Armor Class 6  3 Hit Dice Planar Energy Weapons 1d4 damage 50 yard Range 6 shots 
  3. Zaroid Wreckers Armor Class 9 3 Hit Dice Damage By Weapon 
  4. Feral Robotic Pets Armor Class 7 Hit Dice 4 Damage - Bite 1d3 
  5. Alien Space Probe Armor Class 6 Hit Dice 2  Blaster 1d4 Range 200 yards 6 shots 
  6. Space Wraith - As Undead Armor Class 6 Hit Dice 3 Level Drain Attack 
  7. Hyper Dimensional Strangler - Armor Class 4 Hit Dice 2 Tentacles 1d4 Damage 
  8. Sentry Robot Armor Class 7 Hit Dice 3 Central Eye Ray 1d3 Damage Range 20 yards 
  9. Three Headed Bug Eyed Warrior - Armor Class 8 Hit Dice 4 Ray Gun 1d4 30 yard range 6 shots 
  10. Space Leeches - Armor class 8 Hit Dice 3 Level Drain Attack 


Salvage Conditions & Value 1d10 
  1. Are you kidding me? I'll give you 200 gold & dispose of her for you. There might be something I can use on her 
  2. What the? Do you know how much she's worth? 2000 gold pieces 
  3. Take that out of here now?! She's not worth my time 
  4. There's parts there I can use! Tell you what 3000 gold & I'll split the take on any relics but only if you help me explore her 
  5. That's got one piece I need but the devil take the rest! 300 gold pieces 
  6. That is an antique! She belongs in a museum. Museum quality ! 10000 gold pieces 
  7. Have you lost your mind? That's a hot ship! 300 gold & I don't  turn you into the authorities 
  8. The ship is a good solid haul 4000 gold pieces 
  9. No question about it there's at least 12 pieces I can use. 10000 gold pieces 
  10. Get that piece of crap out of my salvage yard! Now take her some place else 


Conditions Aboard Ship Random Generator 1d10 
  1. Space Madness - The whole place is ripe with it! Make your save versus poison right now or suffer -1 wisdom & intelligence 
  2. The Jitters - There's something that seems to be following you right out of the corner of your eye!
  3. The whole place is ready to collapse make a dexterity check right now as a piece of debris comes loose!
  4. Leaky reactor - There is a radiation leak that needs to be secured. Take 1d3 points of radiation damage 
  5. The ship is only half within this space time continuum. Make a dexterity check or fall through the floor with a 40 % to keep going!
  6. There are angry elementals aboard. Dm's choose but they're angry & they want a piece of you 
  7. The computer is homicidal!There are 1d3 random traps aboard set by the damn thing 
  8. Alien Life Form aboard 
  9. The hyperdrive is engaging! Make an intelligence check to shut down the drive computers or your making a  little trip 
  10. Everything is perfectly normal for now. Make a random roll on this table in 1d4 turns!


  1. These are excellent. This whole set would work really well for Rogue Space...

  2. Thanks Garrison James! They might at that man!


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