Thursday, March 29, 2012

Actual Play Snakemen of A Post Apocalyptic Mars

To recap tonight the party is delving deeper into the woodland/jungles of Mars. There are several interesting encounters coming up! The party is going to bump into a pride of jungle banths tonight!

 There are slavers who will be returning from the temple after a successful sale of sacrifices

These are going to be Thorks a combination of orcs & green mutant stock! These guys act as muscle for the serpent men outside of the temple in regular Martain society.

One of my players read through my blog & thought I'd be using giant snakes to guard the temple! Umm how quaint really.I'll be using giant white ape snake hybrids. An unholy creation of snakemen super science & sorcery. 
 More tonight after actual play! 

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