Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Ugodeldu Market - A Location For Your Old School Space Opera Role Playing Game

The Ugodeldu Market 
There are places found within the cracks of stellar society. Places not spoken of in polite society where men may or lose fortunes depending on their cargoes!
The station is the perfect place to requip, sell, trade, or get into trouble. 

Abandoned in the late 30th century this space station became the property of a group of spacers who were headed up by a wealthy though disgraced merchant prince.

Prince Durirthiarm was a minor noblemen who was caught within a compromising position with the wife of one of his fellow Empire nobles. Faced with a duel of honor or death. He choose instead to flee & became the head of a notorious band of spacers.
Using a vast web of connections & back owed favors the prince set up the market within the confines of this abandon space station orbiting Earth 5. 
The market services as a clearing house for all manner of illicit & legal cargoes. 

 The place is protected by rad & weapon scanners at every air lock & ship docking facility. There is a 20% fee for air & ship's facilities. Common star ship repairs are available as well. 

Selling Cargoes & Items 

Sales means 10% of  your take goes to the spacer's council as tax & use fees. All sales are final & you as the seller are responsible for all customer service & satisfaction.
Items for sale 
Radioactives & Fuels for 14% mark up from rule book values 
Sundries 20% lower then book value 
Common used computer parts, star drives, engineering, control systems, etc. are 10%  to 20% lower here because of the scavenging of space wrecks & the like. 
Common space hulls are available as well. Book value 
Used at 10% off but the customer is responsible for repairs etc. 
Slaves - 5,000 to 10,000 credits with papers 
Professional services -1,200 per hour or trade items 
Medical services are 20% mark up from book value 
Conscripts -200 credits per head & not responsible  for condition 
Cybernetic conscripts  &  Droids case by case basis 
Jobs For Hire 

Note : All jobs are for crews & not individuals 
Star Mining - 9000 credits per tour 20% of actual take 
Gas Giant Grazing & Refinement 20000 credits & 10% of the take 
Salvage work - 70 to 25000 credits 
Star Ship Upgrades - 700 to 50000 credits 
Medical Services aboard Star ships 40000 credits  for  tour 
Asteroid Mining - 30000 credits 
Planetary Mining & Set up 500000 credits per job 
Planetary & Interstellar habitat  Setup 60000 credits per completed project 
Star Ship Upgrades 
Ship Systems    
  1. Prospector sensors +2   600 credits 
  2. Asteroid Sensors +1 400 credits 
  3. Long Range Cargo Scanners +3 1000 credits 
Computer Systems 
  1. Deutronic Computer Cores  +2 computer rolls 300 credits 
  2. Duetronic Dual Real Core +3  computer rolls 400 credits 
  3. Diderac Molecular Storage Cores +4 computer 600 credits 
Hull Types For Sale 
  1. Shuttles  4000 credits 
  2. Worker Bees 3000 credits 
  3. Merchant Man 5000 credits 
  4. Clippers 6000 credits 
  5. Transports 6500 credits 

Impulse Engines 
  1. High Yield Ion Engines +1  600 credits 
  2. Transportable Ion Engine(used for asteroid mining)  650 credits 
  3. Maxiumus Ion Engine +2 700 credits 
Shields & Defectors 
  1. Cosmic Dust Systems Shield -1 armor class  2 400 credits 
  2. Asteroid & Micro Meteor Shield - 2 armor class 450 credits 
  3. Deep Space / Battle Shield- 3 650 credits 
  1. Alpha Reactor 10% more power output 
  2. Beta Reactor  20% more power out put 
  3. Delta Reactor 30% to 40% with power upgrade 
Note Transporters are a very experimental system & take 3 or more days to install on a space craft.
Cargo Transporters are 30000 credits each & require expert crews to remain operational. They should only be used in the transport of cargoes as there is a 40% chance of mishap. 
1. Rapid Cargo Transporter Beacon 200 credits each 2 light year range 
2. Regular Cargo Transporter Beacon 100 credits 1 light year range 


This market was done for a Star Trek/Cities In Space Mash up. It might work well with something like Terminal Space. This original D&D Star Trek rules set is cheesy & right up my alley. A perfect blend of the Star Trek mythos & the cheese factor. You can find that Here


  1. Fun & very well Done. This place has a lot going for it, and it would work well in just about any sort of Space Opera style game--and the way you use this site to bring across Trek-derived tech is a fun hook in itself.

  2. Thanks for the comments garrisonjames! I need to return to my roots with Terminal Space soon! I really love James Blish so this was a natural for me. I ran a pretty extensive campaign for over a year or so! There will be more Star Trek inspired stuff soon!


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