Monday, March 12, 2012

Mayan Entropy & Reality Shattering Weapons For Your Post Apocalyptic Game

There were various factions of Mayan priests who saw that their very existence was ending. They explored into areas of the Great Darkness calling on things from beyond. The very essence of the gods for whom the masks of worship are a veneer so that they may interact with mankind.
They went too far! 

They're actions reviberates through out the walls of reality to our time but their dances were not done! 
Coatlicue answered & the priests were robbed of their flesh & they danced through time & space spinning as they went. They were/are  like a force of nature; an inevitable, planetary catastrophe that there is no reasoning with, no bargaining with and no escaping.

They're actions shook the foundations of creation itself & then the creatures which had been men reached the throne of  Azathoth, they saw the boiling Nuclear Chaos,the Daemon Sultan and the Blind Idiot God. They found themselves despairing for nothing could halt the end of their glorious people

They're actions had unleashed the cosmic walls against the Outsiders & The Old Ones for even now  the Blind Idiot God rages through the corridors of time! 

What happened to the priests? They were scattered throughout time & space across various worlds where they wait. 

The Statues of Coatlicue
Each of these priests is now confined to the form of a statue but may animate as a lich with the powers of a 7th level magic user
 Each monster has the powers of a sentient sphere of annihilation. These powers may be called upon once per day & once every month used to end a world. 

These priests may be confined back into their prisons by calling upon the Formulas of  the Ones Beyond. Gods & goddesses who become aware of the activation of these monsters will be angry for the intrusion upon their planes.

The statues can't be destroyed by conventional magic but may be consigned to the planar depths once again. The priests will however always bend to the will of Coatlicue no matter her wishes.
They who wait in the arms of eternity 


  1. I love the idea of the Mayan civilization trapped in statues. Waiting.

  2. Thanks S.P.! There's more to come! I'm going to be doing more with the Mayans real soon!


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