Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Middle Game - Post Apocalyptic Mars - Actual Play

 The party continued its way through the deep red deserts of  Mars encountered a Plutoian Necromancer & his  Amazon Mercs on hover bikes. 

The players were not amused at all!
The caravan got pinned down as the hoverbikes circled & played games with the party & the Npcs
Add in a Necromancer from the Temple of The Plumed Serpent & the players had to form a very good solid plan to deal with this threat!
 The necromancer wasn't alone! This is a post apocalyptic Mars & beneath those red sands are millions of  victims of the past just waiting to be called back to undeath! Because after all their very, very hungry!
Come back they did! At least 12 of them to deal with my six players!

Now the players got the hell out of there as fast as possible & made for the horizontal treeline which is actually the start of the weird jungles of  the planet! They had to cross the first of many channel zones to get there though!
The party blasted away with the lightning cannons that were on their vehicles . They barely escaped with their hides intact

That's when the party ran into a group of Scavenger Mutants grabbing something (a chest) from a strange set of ruins!

The party drove off the Scavengers & was able to recover the chest & discovered the ruins were actually hundreds of downed space craft all within the same jungle area.
From the west came the sound of automatic gun fire & the sound of engines starting!
Suddenly the jungle was filled with the sound of more zombie & they seemed to pour out of everywhere!
The party grabbed the loot & split as fast as possible!
 The party & Npcs set up camp as soon as possible & this is where we ended for this evening.

Some quick notes on tonight's game 
  1. As the players get closer to the temple of the Plumed Serpent the encounters will be getting weirder 
  2. The serpent men & their allies are going to cause all kinds of problems for the party 
  3. The party has their hands full with some of the monsters & 'treasure' I'm throwing their way 
  4. There's a chance I may expand this into space & create a wrecked Earth based on Edgar Rice Burroughs post apocalyptic novel 
Tonight's Post Apocalyptic Mars Random Encounter Table 1d10 
  1. Necromancers on anti grav sail barges made of bone looking for victims/sacrifices. Protected by 6 Amazon warrior women 3rd level on hover bikes 
  2. Zombie hordes 12 zombies 3 hit points all former city dwellers 
  3. Dead Sea Bottom Raiders 3 hit points, radium rifles, riding throats 
  4. 1d4 scout walkers 5 hit points armed with heat rays 1d4 damage range 1 mile 
  5. Desert Beholders 7 hit points 40% of mutation 
  6. 1d 4 Green mutant warriors 2nd level on throats. 20% of mutation 
  7. Scavenger Mutants 3 hit points armed with spears, ray guns 4 shots, 1d4 damage, 50 yard range. Hover vehicle 
  8. 1d4 Pirates 2nd level fighters on anti grav sail barge with energy weapons looking for slaves 
  9. 1d6 slavers & amazon warriors looking for victims & sacrifices for the temple of the Plumed Serpent. Armed with stunners & riding hover cycles with caged side cars. 2nd level 3 hit points each 
  10. A horde of martian zombies 4 hit points each & semi intelligent. They use pack tactics & swords! Very hungry 
    Some of the Amazon Warrior Women from my game inspiration provided by Here


  1. Sounds like another great session!

  2. Thanks guys! Thanks a lot; the comments mean the world to me! I'm trying to do something a bit sword & sorcery & a bit sword & planet. There's more to come & I've got some great stuff ahead! The players will be going through some really nasty stuff coming up!


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