Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ancient Alien Wisdom - The Mi'lora - The Guardian Skulls Of Lorus

The Mi'lora - The Guardian Skulls Of  Lorus

No. Enc.: 1d4
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 120'
Armor Class: 7
Hit Dice: 4
Attacks: 2
Damage: Psychic Bolt 2d4, Telekinesis Blast 1d4, Mind Rape Attack  1d3 
Save: MU4
Morale: 10

Not even the ancient remains of the Derro are left to molder or rot instead the skulls of their best are ritually polished & anointed with sacred oils made from human fat. These things are wired directly to the deceased brains with the necro impulse generators of  their owners & a selection of psi wirings to create the perfect weapons. 
Only the most deceitful, despicable, & yes noble of the Derro are used. These monsters are left behind after raids, the looting & pillaging of space colonies, & often sold on the interstellar black market.
The monsters levitate 10 feet or more off of the ground & move the air tasting for the fear impulses of the living. As soon as monster detects its prey it moves in with a series of  Psychic Bolts! The monster with draws & telepathically scans the surface thoughts of its victim looking for any weakness. 

These things can be found in the employ of the Mayan space cults found throughout the universe. They are traded for 29 heads of  slaves for one Mi'lora. They are often used by these tribes as oracles &purveyors of 'ancient' wisdom & advice.  Others use the psychic abilities of these things as advanced inhuman bio computers. 
These things sometimes are allowed to retain their intelligence & the outer layers of skin are replaced with psycho synthetic layer of psy skin allowing the monster to act almost as if it was alive. 

These monsters are sometimes found as the heads of certain bands of pirates & other scoundrels. These creatures retain the most feared attack of the Mi'lora. 
A telepathic attack known as the ' mind rape'. The victim is damage physically as the psychic attack fries the autonomic nervous system uncontrollably each time it is used. At the same time the victim relives their most unpleasant nightmares in vivid nano seconds that seem to last a life time. The entire episode is then filed in the psycho- synthesis memory crystals of the alien monsters for later retrieval. The victim can be made to relive this nightmare at anytime by the Mi'lora when it wishes.
The entire attack can be resisted with a series of extended saving throws versus poison created within the body when this attack is used. Certain types of  detection spells may reveal the presence of the Mi'lora should the mage know the tell tail signs to look for. 
There is a certain tribe of  Black Pirates on an alternative Barsoom who also know the secret to the manufacturing of these creatures. The most noble warriors are given this treatment as a reward for 'honorable' & venerable service to the tribe.
 No Mi'lora will ever attack a Derro warrior or mage. The insane monsters know the secrets to quickly deactivate the floating guardians of depravity & insanity. These creatures can found throughout the oververse spreading their special brand of misery & evil.  

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