Friday, March 9, 2012

Post Apocalypse Mars - Out Of The Big City Into The Wasteland - Actual Play

The players tonight wrapped up their time in the martian city by hiring onto an expediation that was headed into the wasteland to the Temple of the Plumed Serpent.

Here's what went down the players wandered back into the temporary Martian tent city that a minor Imperial Red Man merchant prince had erected. There a group of Red Imperial Amazon troops, red warriors, & a brace of Green Mutant warriors were training together. The a bunch of hover trucks were loading up with ammo & such when the shelling started! 
The ground erupted right under the camp & out poured Serpent Men warriors! Showing something along the lines of salvation comes from Yig they cut into the mercs & the red men! 

The players realized they were out classed really quickly when they tried to get the civilians to safety! 
Within moments the camp began to break apart & they had a decision to make stay in the city or hire on for the expedition which was paying five gold talons each!
The decision was made when the serpent men broke ranks & began to over run everything!
 Two minutes later their flying through open desert!

The next problem the group encounters is that they don't have enough fuel to make it through the wasteland & to the jungle. They decide to take a slightly different route to an old fuel station! 
This is right in the middle of monster infested turf btw! 

The station was within sight when they met their  opposition for the evening!
A murder of seven mutated Red Martian Mutant Harpies! 
It was lock & load as the harpies closed in! 

Radium cannons were locked & loaded! The party & a major number of npcs fired at the bastards & they managed to take out 2 of them. Then the harpies song started & for once the party was very happy they had a bard! With the help of an artifact the bard was able to counter act the siren song of the monsters! 
Were the harpies done? Hell no! They came back with rocks & began to dive bomb the convoy!
The party was in deep stuff then until the arrival of red cavemen on giant Martian birds!

The party refueled & made camp for the night with their new found friends. The bard provided accompaniment on his lyre with the cavemen providing backup!

The spent the evening at the ruins of a nearby fortress. The evening passed rather quietly & we ended with the party eating breakfast as their saviors left them.

That's when the morning sun reveals this!
The party is now torn! Remain & explore these fantastic temple runs or continue on towards the dangers of  the Temple of the Plumed Serpent!
Decisions, decisions, decisions??! 

So in I went: up a broad, decayed street, its flagstones heaved everywhere by the roots of gnarled trees, and finding nothing save ruin, tried to rest under a wall. But the night air was chilly and the shelter poor, so out I came again, with the wailing in the shadows so close about now that I stopped, and mustering up courage called aloud... Edwin Lester Arnold’s influential novelLieut. Gullivar Jones: His Vacation (1905)


Wasteland Random Encounters 1d10 
  1. 4 scout tripod walkers 5 hit points & armed with tele force weapons 1d8 damage 200 yard range 
  2. 1d3 Red Martian Cavemen warriors 3rd level 
  3. 1d6 green mutant warriors 40% of mutations & psionics 
  4. Desert Scavenger Worm 3 hit points 22 feet long & hungry. 
  5. Little Green Cannibals 3 hit points & armed with heat ray blasters 1d4 damage 50" range
  6.  Red Imperial Trading Caravan 1d10 members, 1d4 warriors 2nd level 
  7. 3 tripods full size 24 high, armed with teleforce weapons 1d4 damage 200 yard range 
  8. 1d10 green warriors raider party 2nd level warriors 
  9. 1d4 scavenger mutants 3 hit points 30% of mutations, hungry & looking for a fight 
  10. Red imperial pirate ship 1d10 crew armed with radium rifles. 2nd level fighters Scavenging the dead sea bottoms for victims & slaves 


  1. Bill it was a pretty great game! Looking forward to the next one!

  2. Man, your games are packed to .the gills with crazy invention

  3. Well I'm Trey I'm trying to hone in on a vibe & see where it takes me! Just really trying to be original & interesting; seeing where it leads me really.
    The players are the real stars & I'm just providing the stage & props


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