Saturday, March 17, 2012

Egyptian Adventures: Hamunaptra (d20) Unboxing


Recently had a sale on Egyptian Adventures: Hamunaptra (d20). I've been lusting after this box set for a long time & a friend of mine Mick Leach one of the founders of the OSG group on facebook was kind enough to send me this!
From the Description : 
'Towering pyramids rise from the sands, speaking of the glory of kings long gone. Three mighty pharaohs, kings and gods, rule over a land divided-- over nations hovering on the brink of war. Priests of mighty deities guide the lives of peasants and nobles alike, as all struggle to make the most of the fertile lands that line the mighty river Yor, whose rushing waters are at once the symbol and the source of all life. But all around, the desert grows, encroaching nearer each day to the last remaining refuge of a once mighty civilization.
Egyptian Adventures allows you to play the world's most popular roleplaying game in the sands of Hamunaptra, a new fantasy setting inspired by the myths, legends, and culture of Ancient Egypt. Neither the Egyptian feel nor the playability of the game has been sacrificed. The classes and races that populate the lands of Hamunaptra are still recognizable as your own favorites, yet re-imagined to convey the feel of a time of pharaohs under the shadow of war.
This boxed set includes three separate books, each of which presents vital setting information. From the classes, races, feats, and magic of Hamunaptra, to a complete gazetteer of the continent of Khemti and a book of GM-only secrets, this boxed set contains all you'll need to explore the world of Hamunaptra. Battle foul beasts of the desert, excavate the curse-warded tombs of dynasties past, sabotage and spy upon the armies of rival nations, master ancient magics, or simply attempt to solve the riddle of the expanding Red Land before the desert overtakes the last, dwindling bastions of civilization.
This is an age of legend. Make it your own.'
 This whole set was about 5.00 & worth every penny in my book. I've been looking for a decent Egyptian themed set for Crypts & Things for awhile now & I think that this might fit the bill. I'll end up retro fixing everything into the system. This isn't as big a deal as it sounds. 

All in all the setting seems very pulpy & reminds me of the box sets of yesterday. It looks like a nice mix of stuff here. 

The Book of Days is the players hand book & the thing is pretty darn awesome. It explains & lays out the character classes very well & adds some dimension which reflects some major changes to the usual D&D tropes. Most of the major races are specifically tied to their gods. Elves are children of Isis, etc. 

The Book of Gates is the day to day life book in the setting & adds some awesome twists on the religions of  the realm. Be warned though these aren't even remotely historically accurate. They're created right into the setting. 

 The Book of Law are all of the DM's secrets & contains some interesting tidbits on the religions, monsters, tribes, inner plots, etc. This is a nicely laid out little book 

This is the map that comes with the set. Very cool, quick, & seems like a nice reference piece

Some of the Egyptian Style artwork 

Not bad for 5.00! These normally sell for 25.00 but if you keep your eyes open you might find one on sale!
Paizo's was Here
A much more detailed review of the stuff Here
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Also while your there be sure to check out the Mystara Reborn group which is actively working on new material, exploring the old school world, & getting into some really cool topics!
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 Thanks Mick!


  1. I got this awhile back for $5 also. It's a great resource!

  2. Just make that desert map red and you've got a great resource for your ongoing Mars Campaign! : )

  3. First & foremost thanks for the comments Bill. Its perhaps one of the best resources for an Egyptian campaign I've seen in awhile. Mars I'm not so sure of though. I might do a Biblical style thing with this instead. Thanks for the comments & there will be more to come!

  4. I was teasing about Mars, but Speaking of Biblical do you have Testament? I picked it up for a few bucks back with I got Hamunaptra.

  5. I do actually Bill. Most of the Mythic Vistas was on special at a local store that went out of business. I got a good deal on the stuff! It is really well done!


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