Friday, March 30, 2012

Barsoom Woodland/Jungle Random Encounter Table

Barsoom Woodland/Jungle Random Encounter Table 1d20 

  1. A pride of  Woodland Banths 1d6  3 hit dice each. Coming back from the hunt empty handed & very hungry 
  2. A group of red neanderthals 1d4 2 hit points each armed with spears & sling shots  
  3. A green slime 2 hit dice over hanging a tree limb. 1d4 points of acid damage 
  4. A group of 1d6 pygmies armed with poison tipped arrows 
  5.  A group red warriors armed with radium pistols 1d8 & explosive ammo. They are looking for a an escaped princess 
  6. Flying Woodland Murderers 3 hot point flying manta ray like creatures each capable of a nasty bite for 1d3 points of damage 
  7. A group of green warrior tharks 1d6 warriors armed with swords & radium pistols. 2nd level fighters
  8. A group of murderous  giant birds 2 hit dice each  
  9. A group of wild cadlots 1d4 2 hit dice each 30% of random mutations 
  10. Family of white apes 1d6 individuals, 3 hit dice & in a foul mood 
  11. Giant flying insect its caught in the underbrush & waiting for some schmuck to free it 
  12. A crazed green warrior sniper 2 hit dice & armed with a radium rifle 1d8 60 yard range . Sort of really out of his mind on fungi but wants to kill everything so he's saving because their infected with the plague 
  13. An undead prince has woken up to this strange new world. He's hungry & uses the classic stats from OD&D 
  14. A rot grub pit trap filled to the brim with the little spawn
  15. A green man druid is getting ready to sacrifice a  red imperial on the alter of some forgotten jungle god 
  16. A dangerous giant insect out for its afternoon snack. 1d10 bit 4 hit dice 
  17. A group of giant mutant rats 3 hit dice with  multiple  heads wants you for lunch 
  18. A lost robot has actived from 3,000 years ago. Will not attack unless provoked.4 hit dice armed with lasers 1d6 damage each shot 
  19. Another group of warrior.mages looking for an escaped apprentice with a price on his head 
  20. John Carter comes bouncing by! Waves & moves way past your characters  


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