Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ghala-kilig( The wings of the Un-Divine) For Crypts & Things

no girl had ever moved me with a story of spiritual suffering and so beautifully her soul showing out radiant as an angel wandering in hell and the hell the selfsame streets I’d roamed in watching, watching for someone just like her and never dreaming the darkness and the mystery and eventuality of our meeting in eternity,””

We came to the vault doors that lead to the tomb of St. Sebastian The Reckless in the hope of putting down the cult instead we found blood & death. The doors were flanked by these statutes of purest marble. Our thief  moved in to pick the locks & that's when it all went wrong. The skin, the skin split open & then there was the fangs. There was blood everywhere! 
But through it all was the blue eyes of my darling tonight I'm going to see her. You believe me don't you? 
Ghala-kilig( The wings of the Un-Divine)
Type : Other 
Armor Class: 6(13) 
Attacks: Bite (1d10 plus poison)
Saving throw:3 
Special: Charm, Bite 
Move: 12 ground/18 fly 
Challenge Level/XP :4/120 
They are the Ghala-kilig( The wings of the Un-Divine). These monsters belong to no god for no god will have them. The Ghala-kilig wear the pleasing shapes of art & life that flow through the minds of men as stone. They move unseen among the statues & buildings of our cities They may appear as perfect male or female angels but always in the shape of an angel to mock the divine.  Their gaze acts a charm spell unless a save versus spells is rolled
They feed on the lowest animals & dirt of the Earth but this is only a pretense. They lust after the flesh & blood of men. Such is their cursed state. 
 Wizards of all stripes call upon them from the darkness of the night. Even in their fallen state they remember the all of the forbidden lore & secrets of creation itself. They may grant one 1st or a 2nd level grey or black magic spell once per month at the time of the blood moon's ascension. 
This comes with a terrible price however! The monster must feed on the flesh of an innocent man.
 The creature  splits its perfect unblemished skin to reveal row after row of stinking teeth from grown to head. A bite from these monsters causes 1d10 points of damage. The stinking poisoned filled wounds will not heal unless expensive magic is used on them. 
From Fire & Rage beyond the world itself these monsters may summon a great flaming sword. The thing screams with the praises of a thousand damned souls. The sword acts as a +2 magic long sword. The weapon will last for 1d20 rounds before returning to its realm of rage & fire! The Ghala-kilig must consume flesh after using this weapon in combat! 

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