Sunday, March 18, 2012

Storm Bringer Rpg Actual Play - A Kiss Is Just A Kiss

Stormbringer RPG 4th edition 1990.jpg 
'Set within the shell shocked Middle East in 1947 the characters are summoned to the lair of a devotee of  Chaos who has crossed the threshold of sanity & reality to a world much darker then his own.'
This is all I know about tonight's game. So I bid you a due & I'm off to play. Good night expect a report later after Larry's game.  

I was told to download this pdf today by my friend Larry for his game.So I thought that I would offer it too you. 
'The last of Chaosium’s published Stormbringer monographs, Old Hrolmar was also Richard Watts’ last full project he would complete for the line. is proud to be able to release this monograph free to all fans of Richard’s work and the Stormbringer line.'  You can down load this right Here 

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