Saturday, March 24, 2012

35 Japanese Models & Toys As Inspiration For Your OSR Game

The following art work is by the very prolific illustrator Shigeru Komatsuzaki (1915-2001), whose fantastic work is of a retrofuture that was not meant to be. The man did incredibly detailed artwork for models from television, anime, & science fiction inspired bizarreness that can't be beat. I came across these & thought I'd share. Originally found 

The Missiler, 1970

Giant Shocker Machine, 1975

Space colony, 1980

Crawler, 1968

Mobile marine airport, 1980

Tokyo volcano, ca. 1965

Attack Boy, 1970

Undersea super tunnel, 1981

SHADO-mobile, ca. 1970

UFO, ca. 1970 

Solar City, 1982 

Thunderbird 1, 1964 

Thunderbird 2, 1964

Thunderbird 3, 1964

Thunderbird ships, 1964

Rikishi Boy, 1970 

Frog car boat, 1961 

Baron car boat, 1961 

Highway rescue boat, 1981 

Space train, 1981

Moon bus 

Air car

HariHari, 1970 

Sea monster battle, 1954

The Mole (Jet-Mogura Tank), 1968

Thunderbird 6 – Sky-Ship 1, 1968

Thunderbird Mars Explorer – Zero X, 1967

Proteus Bluebird CN7, 1963

Long John – Spirit of America, 1963

Earthquake, 1979 

Guardman Robot, 1970

Underground metropolis, ca. 1980 

World Space Force, 1982 

Horizon Car, ca. 1960 

Ark of Space, 1968


  1. Wow--those illustrations could be the kernel around which to build a whole new RPG. Easily. Great stuff!

  2. Vehicles from Kyōryū Tankentai Born Free e Kyōryū Sentai Koseidon can be very inspiring indeed.

  3. garrisonjames - I'm glad to bring it too you! I'll be statting up a few of these in the near future!

    Hamel - Welcome aboard! Shigeru Komatsuzaki as he is known in this country was one of the most prolific illustrators of children's toys,television shows,giant monsters, etc. the world has ever seen. I got to know his artwork through a Japanese model magazine in the early 90s that I got from a store down in West Hartford Ct called War & Pieces. The place closed down in the late 00s. The Mr.Komatsuzaki was a giant as far as I'm concerned & should be better known to the world. He deserves far more respect than he gets. There's more to come!


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