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Au'ekrschogu -The Planar Elders & Their Sacraments Of The Damned For Terminal Space

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Au'ekrschogu -The Planar Shamans & Their Sacraments Of The Damned 

Yog-Sothoth knows the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the key and guardian of the gate. Past, present, future, all are one in Yog-Sothoth. He knows where the Old Ones broke through of old, and where They shall break through again. He knows where They have trod earth's fields, and where They still tread them, and why no one can behold Them as They tread.
  • "The Dunwich Horror " - Written Summer 1928; first published in Weird Tales, 13, No. 4, (April 1929)

They have within their ranks so many Cakrna-choth, Huggha, Ighak, Kehigortl, Mangu, & even the powerful N'osaudhogoth itself. They have gone farther within the service of the Old Ones & Outer Gods then any sane being ever. But they have paid terrible prices for it. 
Between the various Heavens & Hells of Outer Darkness are those locked outside forever more. They are the shattered remains of wizards who have wandered in the damned light between the outer darkness. The places where the noise of infinity washes against itself. 

They are explorers beyond the doorways of sanity & sensation. The final points of life itself & beyond the known places. 
Au'ekrschogu offer their gifts to all who come before them!  

Flesh & bone are gone now. Only the dream of existence remains to dream about itself. They have become merely the bits & pieces of  forbidden & forgotten god's dreams that roll in flesh less angles of mathematical insanity 
Yet they are willing to share their wisdom with those who can reach them through the key & the gate. 
Those who visit the Au'ekrschogu are changed forever! 


For those who seek them out, the Au'ekrschoguoffer a glimpse beyond this flesh prison we call existence. They offer a sacrament made from their own corrupted flesh, the remains of ancient alien travelers from 20 billion years gone, & the ground up parasites of certain old ones& gods. The sacrament called the union of agreement offers a glimpse of interstellar oblivion & damnation! Those who partake of it have trodden down a path of deviant planar existence. They become something far more unique from their original species.
The Union of Agreement's Random Evolutionary Effects Table  1d30 Roll Three Times 

  1. +1 on intelligence as your mind splits into 4 individual entities. 
  2. -2 on wisdom as a face of a god ancient & malevolent looks into your soul for 1d3 rounds 
  3. 1d3 mutations sprout across your carcass marking you as damned & deceived
  4. Gain 1d4 psionic powers as dead gods gibber & cavort in your mind for a time 3 rounds  
  5. Become a scion of the lizard kind. Gain scaled  skin, claws, & gills 
  6. -1 on dexterity as a limb transforms into a biomechanical nightmare 
  7. +1 on wisdom as your dreams are now those a mad wizard a million years gone 
  8. The Dream Is Over You- You polymorph into a deep one. Your true form. 
  9. Planar Demons perform surgery on you +1 on a random trait but lose 2 charisma points 
  10. Gain an evil familiar even if your not a wizard. It begins to torment you 
  11. Awaken from your dream with an alien artifact you have no idea what it does. Cursed item though 
  12. Become a Changed Man - Gain 1d6 mental mutations 
  13. You can see forever! Your eyes are symbols of insanity 
  14. Agent Of The Old Ones - Your perfectly normal but your shadow is monstrous & insane. It will spy on you & telepathically tell the old ones of your activities & those of your party
  15.  Blink every 20 minutes as the dog. There are sometimes 1d6 floating astral parasites with you 
  16. Precognition - You can now see to the beginning of time. 40% of the Hounds of Tindalos following you each time you look backwards& forwards  in time
  17. Gain The Ability -Hide In Shadows but the shadows contain 1d6 minor monsters as well. 
  18. Telepathic Insanity - You can hear the dreams of the old ones & you must share it with a target. The target must save versus death or fall stunned for 1d4 rounds. If they do save you will be stunned listen yet again to revelations of the old ones 
  19. You erupt in 1d20 random mutations & burst forth as a servant of the old ones. Change Alignment to Chaotic. 
  20. You become perfect. Absolutely disgustingly perfect except for one tiny spot of flesh. This spot belongs to the mythos. They whisper to you at night enticing you to insane acts. The spot acts as a symbol of insanity each time it is used 
  21. Each time you sing you impart blasphemy & insanity on those around you. -4 on all Charisma rolls. 
  22. You now understand the insanity of magic gain 1 level in magic user. However all magic is of an evil nature. Clerics will sense who & what you really are 
  23. Curse of The Beast - On nights of the gibberous moon you become a mythos creature. You are not in control at this time & some day you will want to wander the Outer Darkness dancing with your dark masters. 
  24. You gain hands from beyond. Once a week you may teleport yourself & others. However someday you might not come back 
  25. The Song Of The Navigator - You become psychic & are able to smell sound, taste color, & see the patterns of existence & hyperspace. Gain 1 level in Navigator & 1d3 random psionic powers 
  26. Favored of Cthulhu- The eye of the Old One shines on you +1 to all traits but gain 1d3 mutations of a fish like nature. 
  27. Join the Power - You gain 1d20 psionic powers but only have 3 months to live 
  28. Chill of the Dark Void Beyond. - You may breath the void of space at a target for 1d4 points of chilled, freezing, dangerous damage. Your eyes see normally but they are actually holes within damned space. 
  29. The Erupted - The person becomes a horror from beyond & is told to join the court of Azathoth. Roll another character up! 
  30. You experience all of the effects on this table within 1d3 rounds but come perfectly normal expect you have a chaotic alignment now! 

* The side effects of the sacrament of the Au'ekrschogu are not limited to Planar Demonic Possession, Worship of the Old Ones, Insanity, Mutation, Ripples From Beyond The Normal Time Space Continuum, Visits From Time Lords, Explosive Decompression, Random Dimensional Polar Expression, & Complete Protonic Reversal. Remember To Use Only As Directed & This Product May Be Illegal Within Zeta Coded Star Systems. If Continued Existence Continues Please Consult Your Nearest Au'ekrschogu for Instructions. The Owners of This Blog are Not Responsible For Misuse of The Sacrament of The Au'ekrschogu

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