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Hell Burn On Io -An Adventure Location For Your Old School Space Opera Rpg

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Io is the innermost of the four Galilean moons of the planet Jupiter and, with adiameter of 3,642 kilometres (2,263 mi), the fourth-largest moon in the Solar System. Io is the most volcanically active body in the Solar System. Volcanoes erupt massive volumes of silicate lava, sulphur and sulphur dioxide, constantly changing Io's appearance It has more then 100 mountains & peaks larger then Everest. It is the home to more  then 20 clans of  Dwarves specially bred to survive on this hellish world.

There are rumors that they watch over far more then the minerals, volcanoes & geological goings on there. Io is one of the most supernaturally active of any moon in the solar system. Two portals lead to the plane of Earth & the plane of Fire!
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Rumors & Revelations 

  1. The Final Resting Place of The Great Tyrant Kings. They're works & magics waiting to curse the fool who uncovers them 
  2. It is a prison for ancient gods or demons 
  3. Ancient relics & technology from the War of The Titans has been found from time to time 
  4. The mineral wealth is some of the richest treasure beyond human imagining 
  5. There are other alien portals to strange elemental planes where things wait from beyond 
  6. It is the final prison for nyarlathotep

Io is also the home to a large colony of elemental magus who use the numerous fire elementals, mephits, & other elementals to their benefit.

 Random Elemental Encounters on IO 1d10 

  1. Lava Children 1d6 double hit points 
  2. 1d10 Salamanders 
  3. Efreet  1d4 Raiding Party 
  4. 1d6 Earth Genie Miners & Workers 
  5. 1d3 Chaos Elements Chaotic 4 hit points & Pissed Off 
  6. 1d4 Star Demons 
  7. 1d6 Earth Elementals Triple Hit Points 
  8. ThoQQUa 1-2 
  9. Khargra 1d6 
  10. Prince of Elemental Evil Fire or Earth 


Dragons will not stay on Io for more then a 10 day cycle at a clip. The strange magnetic interaction between Jupiter & its moon causes pain within certain regions of the brains of these creatures. There is speculation that this was done on purpose.

Io remains the mineral frontier of the solar system with opportunities for adventurers galore. The place should be approached with the utmost caution & with at wizard well versed in elemental lore.
There are rumors of an ancient Krell outpost on this moon sunk beneath the lava oceans that lurk below the surface of this world. A metallic megadungeon of doom floating among the lava & fire!


Recently a very detailed map of  IO was released to the public. This is a wonderful resource for those wanting to use this Hellish place in their campaign.
More information can be found in this handy pdf map of the place Here. This map of Io confirms something peculiar about the surface of Jupiter's moon that astronomers have known for years: it has no impact craters. With over 400 active volcanos covering its surface, the moon is constantly being resurfaced and reshaped, not by extraterrestrial objects, but by its own rapidly acting geological activity.
 Still more information can be found Here

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