Sunday, March 25, 2012

Crypts & Things - Actual Play - All Aboard The Crazy Train

I just got back from my Crypts & Things game! I say mine because I've gotten roped into Dming because Larry wasn't ready! We showed up & he left his notes over his other son's place! That's right 7 people & no adventure! I was taken into the another room & begged to run something, anything, & fast! 
Earlier in the day I was talking To Joey about A Tourist Guide To Transylvania, Vampire Hunter D, & Ancient Vaults post about Horror Express. Pulled this BS storyline about a future Earth out of my rear. Everyone made humans characters while I gave background from 4 pages of notes. I spent the last 2 days reviewing the system. I threw the players some background.

Got the characters on a train in the Russia/Transylvania border chugging into the Carpathians. They looked like deer caught in headlights! 
A detailed picture of the map of future Transylvania from the Tourist Guide To Transylvania   
The Earth endured a supernatural holocaust. The supernatural has returned with a vengeance. Vampires & other supernaturals rule the night. Mankind is pushed the brink of extinction. Barbarians, thieves, & adventurers are taking back the night on piece at a time! 


The players are hired by the Masters of Enam to get aboard the train & find out what the deadly cargo is aboard. Capture the cargo if they can or destroy it if they must. There is of course a reward of gold pieces & wealth.
Note : This is a straight human game with some supernatural overtones but no elves, dwarves etc. The vampires in this are straight out of the Crypts & Things rule book!


The Trans-Transylvanian Rail winds its way through the Carpathian Mountains. Something aboard calls to the supernatural wildlife wherever it goes. Something ancient, something evil, something very dangerous!
The game is very much going to be keeping with this style of  comic book from the 70s  &  80s

One source I pulled from was the

 The Official Handbook of the Conan Universe. Marvel published this thirty-six page gem in 1986 as a reference to its various Conan comics. Tonight it became somewhat of my gateway gem.. 
 In case your wondering about the Tourist Guide To Transylvania 
This is it
Here are some of the images that I'll be using
Published in 1981, The Tourist's Guide to Transylvania is written from the perspective that the supernatural is real and very active in the legendary Romanian province, and that in order to survive a visit a tourist needs to be aware of dangers both ghostly and demonic. Peppered with top-notch horror and fantasy artwork, it is a unique and interesting title.

The author is listed as "Count Ignatius de Ludes," but this is believed to be a pseudonym for British writer Stewart Cowley, author of the Terran Trade Authority series and a multitude of children's books. 

I have a long history with this book. I have owned 3 copies including my current one. The first copy of this book I saw at a book stall at the Eastern States Fair aka the Big E. at a book seller's stall. I never knew the name of the book.
Later it was bought at Barnes & Noble in Boston in '83 & burned up in a fire. My current copy came into my possession via Ebay many moons ago & never leaves my side. My fiancee grew up with this book in the UK. Its another thing we have in common. 

I've been wanting to use this as the basis for a campaign for some time. Crypts & Things captures the magic of the book quite well.
There will be more to come!


  1. Wow, that looks like its going to be a lot of fun. Crpyts & Things is pretty darned cool. It's most definitely on my "To Run" list.

  2. It was Chuck Thorin! Everyone had a blast right from the get go! Chracter creation was fast & simple to deal with! There's more to come! Stay Tuned!


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