Friday, March 16, 2012

The Tim Burton's Dark Shadows Trailer

The comedic version of Dark Shadows is out & it looks like the fans of the original are going to be howling for blood. Personally this looks funny & a bit of a laugh out loud fest. I can't wait to see it!
The original was very good & at times unintentionally funny. With a Munsters  remake in the works & now this. We might see a decent original vampire, werewolf, or other classic monster movie flick at some point. 


  1. I still haven't recovered from the damage Burton/Deep did to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Burton totally missed Dahl's appreciation for dark humor and just made Mr. Wonky icky.

    In my opinion.

    Plus, there's only one Veruca Salt.

    But I digress. Not sure I'll see this or not. Maybe on NetFlix. Probably not the movie house.

  2. I don't what do actually on the one hand the trailer looks funny & on the other it's Dark Shadows.. Still I might see it if I get the chance with friends.. We'll see

  3. Yeah, I can understand that. And it might be funny, just for a goof. And really, I enjoy Burton a lot. Just didn't care for what he did to Dahl's work.

    But then I'm a HUGE Dahl fan.

    Where Dark Shaddows, I enjoy, but I might be more flexible.

  4. I didn't like Burton's Willy Wanka at all. It seemed to miss the point of the first film. Dark Shadows has the camp knob turned way up & I like the humor in the trailer. I might see it on the big screen.


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