Friday, September 2, 2011

Two Classics Of George Pal's For Free

There are a few inspirations that I come back to again & again. The films of George Pal are some of those. We all know him for War Of The Worlds but do you know about Conquest Of Space or Destination Moon?
The Conquest of Space has been surrounded by controversy, mostly because of its religious sub plot which some believed that it blasphemy for mankind to leave planet Earth because God intended us to be here or some such. Read all about it Conquest_of_Space

The second George Pal effort is Destination Moon its the first American Science Fiction film that deals realistically with space travel. Science-fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein contributed significantly to the script and served as a technical adviser.
 The plot goes something like this: 
Four American astronauts blast off from the New Mexico desert and fly to the Moon. They land after difficulties that cause more fuel to be used than anticipated. Consequently, the crew must race against time to lighten the ship for a successful return to Earth.

The film features the premise that US private industry will finance and manufacture the first spacecraft to reach the moon, given the Soviet threat at the time, and then the US government will bring itself to buy or lease the technology. Visionary industrialists are shown cooperating to support the venture.
Besides the whole Soviets will beat us to the moon as I've written before this film features an atomic reactor powering a plasma system for the journey to the moon. Read more about this great rocket Destination Moon Rocket
Besides checking out the Destination Moon rocket do yourselves a favor & check out the other rockets & fictional space craft on the They've got some fantastic retro rocket ships of yesteryear. 

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