Monday, September 5, 2011

Reflections of Forever

A gazing mirror that helps to focus the psyche of the user of Reflections of Forever  
Reflections of Forever
4th Level Super Science Power 

Someone using this power is able to cast their mind adrift within poly dimensional space & gaze through time at their past lives. The person is an invisible witness to all of the tradgies & victories they've experienced over the course of  hundreds of years. With solid intelligence roll a person may actually learn new skills or observe forgotten secrets from thousands of years in the past.
Every 5 to 6 rounds a saving throw vs death must be made or one could find one's self lost among the myriad alternative worlds & branches that surround each life. The user make find themselves adrift within the astral planes & other planes lost & unable to find their body.
There is also a 20 % chance that a planar demon or other power will notice the character & follow the silver weaving's back to the body of the user. Upon a 70% roll or better a demon might steal its way into the body & take possession.
Yet the rewards for the things that one might learn from the past far exceed the hazards of this power. Use wisely & the secrets of the ages are laid bare before the feet of the user! This power can only be used once a day for 6 days straight or the astral strain may be too much for anyone person to bare. 

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