Friday, September 16, 2011

Atlan Battle Station - Mega Dungeons Of Death

They are the former floating palaces of the gods the Atlans. After the fall of Lumeria these asteroid sized stations have lain abandoned across the universe.
42 levels of  the vast Atlan mind altering technologies lie in wait for the right treasure hunters.
The stations have been known to wander across the universe in strange preset patterns
Aboard each vessel its extra planar god which not only directs the vessel but is the heart & soul of the Atlan's vast knowledge. Each & every A.I. god ranges the gamut of  behavior from ethical to inimical.
Each station is armed with a wide variety of armaments & components can rearrange themselves to suit the god's whim.
Random 1d10 weapons 

  1. Gamma Projectors - 2 light year range  3 d10 Damage 
  2. Genesis ray - Creates conditions for life on lifeless worlds 
  3. Babel Ray- Reduces populations to total confusion as their reality matrix for language breaks down 
  4. Apocalypse Field- The battle station sets itself into orbit & this field creates the proper conditions for a planetary apocalypse with gods & what not 
  5. Reincarnation Shell- Those enclosed within this shell can't move along their karmatic path & are lost to the gods themselves 
  6. Meggido Artifact- The artifact sets about an increasingly atmosphere among leaders so that invaders might easily take over
  7. Hades Formula-  A nano pulse  cloud that will eat anything that blunders into its field. These clouds do 1d10 damage per round unless a save vs is rolled.
  8. God CPU - The station's god replaces the local population's deity & takes over slowly & begins to close a web of influence over a planet. The CPU may also be used to broadcast super science powers on a world wide scale. 
  9. Geburah Cylinder- This cylinder summons a Geburah which will judge  a planet's populace or an other star ship crew. It will create the full measure of a god's wrath. 
  10. Transubstantiation Sequence- Destroys the flesh container of any life form caught within it's range & allows the soul to move on. The over use of these weapon will attract the wrath of the local gods

    One of the most common  features of the battle stations is the veriform cloning chambers which are used to create vast armies of Abhuman tribes. The gods of the stations manufacture armies often at a moment's notice. These are sent out on raids for materials, raw essences, etc. which the station often uses to maintain itself. The interstellar gulfs are full of tribes of orcs, hobgoblins, & far worse because of these stations. 
    Many abhuman shamans are created for the express purpose of  gathering more skulls  after a series of jumps & such go missing

    A vast array of crystal skulls are used to summon & trap many fey creatures who are used in the breaking of the reality matrices & local space time continuum for extra planar travel. The vast banks of these skulls may contain the trap spirits of their Atlan masters whose knowledge & experiences may be consulted from time to time. 
     The biological systems of the Atlan stations are maintained by a vast army of shaggoths whose forms & such are ideally suited to crawling & maintaining the systems. If the god of station is destroyed or worse then the shaggoths have a tendency to run amok.

    At the heart of each battle station is a sub space realm in which sits the BLACK PYRAMID. This structure is an Escher like dungeon itself at the heart of which sits an elemental fire demon. These creatures rage & bellow in the darkness but are restrained by the Atlan Super Science & may be used to break the planar barriers allowing the station to move across the universe at will. 
    The loosing of the monster will destroy the station but some of the monsters memorize the names of those who taunt it . Very few know to what end. 
    Many are those who seek the legendary stations but few survive an encounter with one. 

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