Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Doomed World Of Carcosa - The City Of The Ancients PDF

So there's a new blog on the block about the world Carcosa. I ordered the pdf about a year or so ago. The Earth didn't shake, blow up, or  any such.
Instead I found a very grim jungle world of Lovecraftian horror. Imagine my surprise today when I found a new blog about this world with a nice little adventure called The City Of The Ancients. This adventure can serve a nice bridge between Carcosa & a traditional D&D world. The location is very cool & very much in keeping with the tone that Geoffrey McKinney established. If you love Carcosa go check out the blog. Here
 I printed out the pdf which clocks in at about 19 pages..

Here's a few high lights: 
  • This is very grim world which is in keeping with the tone of the original work 
  • Lethality is still the order of the day & its right here 
  • The adventure adds to the already established mythos of Carcosa which has a distinct feel from its Lovecraftian origins 
  • As  bridge adventure this works with any number of situations with the traditional D&D tropes 
  • The location begs to be visited repeatedly
    The adventure location uses Carcosaian hex crawling style . This sort of  Dungeon Mastering gives a much greater sense of scale &  adventure accomplishment
    Download the Ancient city from the box thingy at the side of the blog & dig in. Its a free resource & one I'm going to enjoy!

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