Monday, September 19, 2011

Commando Cody Mark IV Armor & The Science Associates Cult

Science Associate with Lightning Rifle 
Cody Mark IV Armor 

Name - Cody Mark IV
Fuel - Nuclear Pellet Liquid Feed System
Defensive Systems - Psi Resistance Helmet - Super Science forged helm developed upon Ancient Earth critica Pre Atomic Age 1966. The Russia Federated States created this technology in response upon Earth with the rise of super science powers. The helm boasts a fine network of psi wires in a classic matrix woven throughout. Provides its user with a saving throw against all mental based super science powers!

The armor counts as specially treated leather ala Labyrinth Lord. The armor is resistant to all atmospheric & speed effects from travelling space craft. Its armor class 5 against all energy weapons.

Control Panel 
Adds +1 or +2 to all piloting rolls involving the armor.

Control panel detail

Mirco power Atmospheric Generator 

Provides 3 hour atmosphere generator for extended space walks or for operating within poisonous atmospheres or within vacuum.

The order of the Science Associates uses wavium pistols, lightning rifles, & other heavy energy super science weapons

The astronaut cult of  Science Associates have been operating across the cosmos for thousands of years. This order has fearlessly faced down the machinations of alien invaders, space pirates, & many many other menaces. The Science Associates operate under several guises & can be found on many advanced as well as primitive planets mostly those parroting early 20 century Earth. They are fanatical in one sense & count among their ranks some of the finest scientists & astronauts.
Science Associates gain +1 to their intelligence, +1 to their Constitution, & Strength +1
History of the Suit

Wonder CoverWar
New take on an old magazine coverCody in the early sixites?
Space BatRadar
Vintage Japanese sci-fi with a twistContemporary treatment for Radar Men

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