Thursday, September 1, 2011

Super Science Power - The Fundamental Forms of Space and Time.

The Fundamental Forms of Space and Time.
Level Five Super Science Power 

Using this super science power the user is able to send attacks from energy weapons into a space time vortex where the energy is absorbed by the greater all of order. This power may only be used for 3 round however as it begins to tax the physical form of the character.  
Those studying this power can also use it to heal many damages done by creatures from the Outer Darkness. This power however is greatly resented by them & those using it have a 20% chance of attracting a monster from the darkness. The ability will heal 1d3 points of damage every round but there is 10% for system shock & should be rolled on as the person gains strength. 
Finally those using this ability may create a circle of protection against creatures of planar chaos & madness. This circle will protect those within from any attack for 1d10 rounds. This is a physical barrier to these monsters & they may not cross. The person inside may rebuke them with a successful Charisma roll sending them away from the area for 1d3 rounds. Giving those protected time to escape. These abilities may be used 6 times per day the sacred number of the Lords of Order

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