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Random Space Salvage -Treasure Table - D30 Special Alien Artifact Table

There are always the unusual finds the odd adventure makers & this is the goal of this table. Here are few alien artifacts just waiting for the foolish to come across them! 

D30 Special Alien Artifact Table 
  1. Artifact of the Krell 
  2. Ancient Solar Panels +2 Efficacy 
  3. Astro Familiar 4 super science powers 2 foot tall 
  4. Alien Escape Pod In A Brief Case 
  5. 9 D camera Needs 6 limbs to operate 
  6. 2 golden angels held as statues 
  7. Lead Coffin 18 foot long 
  8. Jewel Encrusted Dagger (Intelligent & Pissed off) 
  9. Assassin Droid Folded In 13 Foot Square 
  10. Atmosphere Generator Set To Toxic 
  11. Nuclear fuel in lead lined containers 
  12. 4 Strange humanoid figurines 6" high 
  13. 12' tall Vessel filled with liquid glass steel 
  14. 6' Long iron bird 
  15. 2 Plasma torches 4 foot long 
  16. Alien Space Armor (ancient multi -limbed) 
  17. Golden Casket 7" by 6" wide glowing 
  18. Cargo box containing 22 individual small droids each 2 inches long 
  19. Robotic Monkey missing an eye (deactivated) 
  20. 9 inch Blue Golden Egg covered in runes 
  21. Vicious substance in a stone egg 
  22. Robotic Insects (14 each a different alien species) 
  23. Credit Reader( Full)
  24. Deeds To Several Planets (Demonic Pact Seal On The Documents) 
  25. Eye Of A Space Dragon Set In Jewelry 
  26. Small Demon Idol 12 inches Tall 
  27. Golden Red Jeweled Flower 
  28. Amorphous Robotic Blob 
  29. Jeweled Termite Statue (or is it 6 inches long) 
  30. Black Glowing Ball 12 inches In Diameter 
There are some strange radiations, super science energies, & far worse in the deadly regions of space. There are odd & down right dangerous qualities that some of these objects might have. Roll on the following matrix. Roll twice if your feeling especially malevolent towards your players! 

Human Space Empires Special Artifact Qualities Matrix  Roll 1d20 

  1. Grants Telepathy at an Interstellar Range 
  2. Creates a Force Screen 4 times per day 
  3. Allows Planar Passage 5 times per day 
  4. User May Create Zeta Rays 3 times per day as the power 
  5. Grants Sight Beyond Sight 
  6. Allows Conversation With Small Gods 3 times per day 
  7. Grow Demonic Claws +2 to damage 3 times per day (20% planar demon comes to investigate) 
  8. Divine glow repels all demonic creatures & causes awe in on lookers 3 times per day 
  9.  Grants access to the Intergalactic Library & access to the knowledge their in (20% the user becomes drunk with the knowledge) 
  10. Allows the User To have Cosmic Awareness 4 times per day. 
  11. Grants a form of serial immortality 
  12. Converts the user to a state of temporary state of undeath for 1d4 days per use 
  13. Grants the user the services of a planar demon 3 times per day. There is a 10% that a more powerful demon will answer the call 
  14. Allows the user to create completely realistic holograms 
  15. Cast Stellar Light as a star 4 times per day 
  16. Read & speak all known Intergalactic Languages 3 times per day 
  17. Phase shift from the local space time continuum 5 times per day 10% chance of  a creature from the Outer Darkness noticing you 
  18. Eyes of the Small Gods 3 times per day 
  19. Terra form 9 miles around the user 4 times per day 
  20. Access to the 6th level Super Science Powers 
Note that there is a 9% chance that each times these powers are used that the user will suffer from a random mutation as the energies that are stored in them are not fit for mere mortals! 

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